My name is Remy van Ruiten. I’m a 20-something fan of video games, books, music, and all the other stuff media enthusiasts dig. I keep this blog to just make sense of it all, writing about whatever I want to write about. It both helps me create a better sense of what I like and dislike, but so far it’s helped me find the words to describe things and become a better writer.

In the meantime, I do some simple copy editing tasks for an elderly home. Write articles and columns for a street concultancy to help prevent homelessness. And write for various different outlets as they come along.

I’ve written for:

Guerilla Geek

Most of the people on the internet tend to recognize me for my Four Swords Purple Link avatars. I used to go around with one that I saw as a reaction image on some website, until a friend slapped a WWE belt on him. Since then I started recoloring The Legend of Zelda artwork images to make Link purple and adding wrestling belts to them. Like this one:

headphones link2

In the past, I’ve worked as a security worker. cleaner, dishwasher, cook, waiter, direct marketer, graphic Designe, administrator, and IT guy. I’ve lived in The Netherlands, England, and Ireland. I speak Dutch, English, and a bit of Japanese.

Want to do guest posts? E-mail me.

Want me to write for you? E-mail.

Any further questions? Really, just e-mail me.

I can be reached at remyvanruiten@gmail.com

This has been an about page.


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