Videogame YouTube Channels I Love

So I’ve been getting more involved on YouTube in the past few months. If you’ve stuck around for this blog, you might have already heard. Besides making videos myself, I’ve also been looking around for better channels related to gaming in general. Knowing what I enjoy watching also helps figuring out what exactly I want to do with my channel myself. Also, when you’re making videos, it changes how you look at other channels. Kind of like how you listen to music when you’ve started picking up your first instrument, or seeing the composition of a story or narrative, when you’ve started writing your own stories.

So with that in mind, here’s a list of YouTube channels that I consistently enjoy watching.

Game Sack

Game Sack has perhaps one of the best formulas of any gaming channel. The hosts aren’t your usual YT personalities, just two guys who collect games and enjoy playing them curating a list of titles under a set criteria. No clickbaity toplists. No usual suspects in their lists most of the time. Fresh eyes on the games as they’ll have just recorded the footage for it. With most channels, I’ll know just about every game listed, but Game Sack has actually pushed me in the direction of games right up my alley I hadn’t been previously aware of. They’re also not afraid of moving away from just the big consoles everyone knows everything about already.

Accursed Farms

Ross’s Game Dungeon is a gem. The guy behind the channel is one of the more down to earth and interesting figures, and with his Game Dungeon series, he tends to focus on games most people will have never heard of. Old PC games from the era of shareware and freeware, or even abandonware. Though if the game interests him enough and gives him enough to comment on, he can focus on more well known titles, like the Deus Ex series or Strife. He’s also run a LP/Machinima were essentially played through Half-Life 1 roleplaying the character of Gordon Freeman under the name Freeman’s Mind, which is one of the more interesting LPs.


Alright, so this is basically a  Twitch stream highlight channel. That said, SovietWomble puts effort into his VoDs, as much as he’ll downplay the work he puts into them as his streams get carried by the Arma clan he’s in. It’s not just Arma the group plays together either, as his main claim to fame were the Counterstrike videos where everything goes horribly wrong, always.


What a channel name, right? Although he doesn’t upload all that much, what he does put out is memorable. I may have plagiarized a certain phrase for my social media bios from the video linked above. What I’m getting at is that his deep and multilayered character compellingly contextualizes the rest of the experience; making it truly memorable.


Everyone has that one reviewer, critic, or journalist they trust. Now that doesn’t mean that you completely agree with them at all times, but that you understand their perspective and understand exactly where you stand alongside their critical viewpoints. For me, ACG is that person. I don’t always agree with him on some of the points made in his videos, and there have been times where I considered his rating not in line with mine, but even in those situations the actual content of the videos was informative enough to learn something about the game through it. In fact, he strives to have this kind of relationship with his viewerbase, where he wants people to have opinions and critiques of their own, so long as we’re all understanding of one another’s viewpoints.

One part that especially sets him apart from other reviewers is how much time he’ll spend breaking down a game’s sound design, something that is almost entirely overlooked in most reviews.


These guys have been around forever. I remember when YouTube was still a new thing and almost every forum I went to, people kept linking each other Mega64 skits because these idiots ran around in public dressed up as game characters, reenacting parts of the game to see how strangers responded. The past half year or so, they’ve been absolutely on point with their skits. Their podcast is alright too. It’s just nice to see people stick around for so long and still gets attention and do well.


Gggmanlives is one of those channels I wish I’d found sooner. An FPS focused game review channel that generally doesn’t care if a game is old or new, he’ll review anything under the sun. Also his love for Doom and WADS for Doom cannot be understated. Yes, this channel makes full review videos for Doom WADS, the dedication is fantastic and refreshing to see amongst channels that don’t dip their toes deeper into Doom than just the new one (which is still stellar, not a knock on it) or Brutal.

There’s more channels that I find entertaining right now, but I might leave those for a later time, when I’ve come across more channels I find entertaining enough to put alongside those. If you have channels that you enjoy, feel free to leave a comment telling me about it. I’m always on the lookout for more gaming channels to look into.

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