What Evangelion Girl is Best Girl?


Let’s settle this one once and for all. Get your Rei/Asuka body pillows ready, and fire up those reaction images, because we’re going to talk best Evangelion girl.


Ayanami Rei

Let me start by saying that Ayanami Rei isn’t even really a person. She’s a monstrosity made out Yui Ikari’s DNA. The connection between her and Shinji Ikari comes from Shinji being interested to her smell because it reminds him of his mother and the fact that his father is giving her positive attention instead of him. Her personality type in the original anime was a response to the love of typical emotionless and submissive anime girls, and why something like that wouldn’t work in real life. Both the manga and the movie versions replaced that with Shinji straight-up warming her up and making her more human than either her, her in-show clones, or the thousands of direct copies of her in other popular anime.

Rei is by far one of the worst girls in the show, maybe even just in anime altogether, because that was the point of the character. She’s the choice of people who want to escape from human interaction and want a pet to mold however they see fit. Which is why she’s great for a spineless loser like Shinji.

Asuka Langley Soryu

Asuka Langley Soryu

All that character Rei missed? Asuka’s got that in abundance. In the original anime, Asuka was the example of tsundere characters in anime and how that archetype backfires. Almost all aspects of that have been toned down since the manga and Rebuild movies, with the exception of the constant need for attention that had always been there. She’s the closest thing to a right choice Shinji’s got, but he’s not only too stupid to realize what’s in front of him, he’s also too spineless to take a chance when Asuka all but offers herself up to him, which only frustrates her further. For all her talk, Asuka wants someone to take control of her and take the initiative, something that Shinji can never give her.

That said, Asuka’s got mommy issues, is hot-headed, gets jealous easily, and looks down on everyone who isn’t as perfect as she tries to make herself out to be. With all her humanity comes an endless amount of emotional baggage, most of which never even comes close to getting resolved, although at least in the Rebuild movies she stepped down and was willing to sacrifice her own feelings for Shinji and Rei’s mutual happiness, which honestly goes to show that out of the two, she’s still the better choice. And because of that, Shinji, and by extent most waifu-loving anime nerds, will never get her.

God, both of these two characters are terrible choices. Who else have we got in this show?

Katsuragi Misato

Misato is essentially Shinji’s foster parent after he lost his mother, wasn’t accepted by his father, and was quite forcefully taken in by her. While she’s determined to accomplish what she set out to do in her life professionally, it’s clear that she keeps taking people in to fill an emotional void. Misato is broken, and any relationship she starts is bound to fall apart after a while.

Akagi Ritsuko

Haha, no. Where Misato tries to fill the void by taking in stray teenagers and animals, Ritsuko just dives further into work.

Ibuki Maya

All we really know about her is that she’s possibly in love with Ritsuko and probably (Hopefully?) isn’t a complete emotional wreck to the extent the rest of the cast is.

Fuck it.

Maya Ibuki is the best waifu from Evangelion.



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