DO vocalize complaints about major companies delivering a disappointing product. If a company fucks up, people deserve to know before spending money themselves.

DON’T attack consumers about their feelings towards an expensive product when your job revolves routinely getting them for free. It removes you too far from the consumer base who actually has to pay full price for them.

DON’T tell people to stop vocalizing complaints when a large vocal group finds the newest big budget mass marketed release questionable in value. With the amount of marketing power that goes into these releases, they don’t need your defense. They’re not a little girl being bullied during recess, they have more resources, manpower, and marketing prowess than you do.

DO ask for better representation in games.

DON’T slander the entire industry and make it look worse than it is to pressure them into tokenism.

DO set up a gaming studio exclusively filled with women if you want a studio like that to exist.

DON’T deliver a mediocre product with said studio and then blame the rest of the entire industry for it not selling. Just the fact that your studio could exist to the point of releasing a product with constant positive feedback from the media should be enough proof there is room for you. Most first attempts at making games suck. Most games with little to no brand recognition do badly. Suck it up, make another. Learn from previous mistakes.

DO raise a gigantic ruckus if you find your group without a voice, repeatedly misrepresented and made fun of by the very media that should be serving you as part of its audience.

DON’T try to do the same thing when the media is accommodating to you and repeatedly gives you airtime on national television. It’s hard to justify your reasoning of not having a voice when you’re vocalizing it by yourself with a host who is sympathetic towards you.

DO avoid coming across spoilers if they bother you. Take the proper precautions: the responsibility is yours.

DON’T place yourself in a place you know you’ll see spoilers and then cry about it when you do.

DO enjoy terrible movies/games/books because of the way they are terrible.

DON’T bash others for having enjoyed terrible movies/games/books.

DO judge people, individually, based on their own actions.

DON’T generalize people because they’re part of a race/gender/sex/group/whatever.

DON’T attack people for having the audacity to think a thing. Lots of people think things. It’s how we deal with our thoughts that actually matters. Orwell wasn’t writing a manual for you to follow.

DO praise people for doing good to create an atmosphere in which good things can happen.

DON’T shame people to create a high pressure environment where everyone becomes too afraid to do anything in case it offends someone.

DO ask for donations for a project, or as a tip when you’re actively attributing something positive, even just to the internet.

DON’T blindly ask for money for not doing anything.

DO celebrate people liking the same thing you do.

DON’T invade the space of people liking what you do and then shame them for liking it, claiming their space for your own because you like everything about it except everything already there.

DO help facilitate a new audience coming to an event.

DON’T make a huge marketing stunt out of faking an extreme case of this. It only further alienates people.

DO make a parody of something you genuinely like.

DON’T make a parody of something you hate and then claim it’s just a joke when people get annoyed at the acidic tone you’re doing it in.

DO look into something that becomes a big talking point amongst a lot of people and see how you feel about it.

DON’T tell people they shouldn’t talk about it as a kneejerk reaction because you can’t deal with people having an opinion unless it’s you.

DO say what you think about something.

DON’T start off something that’s clearly a common opinion with “Am I the only one who…”

DO interact with people online and make friends.

DON’T chase social media numbers. They’re fiction.

DO talk to fans of your work online and make them feel special for a moment.

DON’T track down all of your detractors online and bash them for not liking you.

DO talk about technical details you understand and find an important aspect of something’s design.

DON’T tell people to stop talking about technical details because you’re too lazy to use Google and find out what these things mean, relying on strawman arguments to shut down conversation instead.

DO get passionate about things.

DON’T get angry at people for being passionate about something you’re not and act as if apathy is the correct course.

DO tell people you don’t like a thing normally so you won’t have to repeatedly be dragged into conversations about things you do not want to talk about.

DON’T attack people for trying to engage with you about something they thought was a shared connection.

DON’T attack people for publicly talking about something they like just because you don’t like it.

DON’T attack people for publicly talking about not liking something because you like it.

DO talk for yourself.

DON’T talk for others.

DON’T let others talk for you.

DO denounce sensationalist clickbait articles for what they are.

DON’T do that and then link people to the latest clickbait Gawker article or stupid personality quiz that’s circling around.

DO make friends with people of varying backgrounds, opinions, tastes, religions.

DON’T cut ties with people because they don’t align with you 100%. Nobody really does, being okay with that is what actual acceptance and friendships revolve around.

DO applaud people for doing something unprecedented and incredible.

DO speculate on what else can be possible now that we’ve achieved this.

DON’T waste time arguing about what someone was wearing to detract from progress made.

DO hold yourself responsible for your own life, including finding ways to improve your own situation with the resources at your disposal when it feels unfair.

DON’T shift the responsibility of your well being to others.

DO ask for understanding.


DO give people advice and commend them for smart moves in a team-based game.

DON’T berate them for playing differently than you’d like and making mistakes. It won’t motivate them to play any better.

Do give people advice and commend them for making good choices in life.

DON’T berate them for living differently than you’d like and making mistakes. It won’t motivate them to live any better.

DO separate art from the artist.

DON’T feel guilty for enjoying something made by someone who turned out to be a terrible person. You’re not responsible for their actions.

DO do good.

DON’T expect something in return for doing good, it kind of beats the purpose.

DO get as much exposure to things out there as you can. Watch, read, write, interact, debate, learn.

DON’T pride yourself in your ignorance and lack of understanding.

DO have general guidelines for conduct to serve as a reminder to not be a degenerate asshole to others.

DON’T set unbreakable rules to serve as an excuse for your behavior and expect others to follow them to the letter without even being aware of them.

(Also, yes. I do realize P4R is satire. I just like linking to them.)


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