I Forgot How to Blog

i want actionCrazy, huh? You can spend all that time writing, posting, improving, learning, but the moment you take even the slightest break it all escapes you. While gone from here, I wrote up a bunch of user blogs on Destructoid. They were kind enough to feature me on the front page three times in a short period of time. Maybe you saw, maybe you didn’t. Either way, I stopped writing there a long time ago. I’m also removing all my user blogs and reposting them here over time to fully own them, barring the ones that were featured on the front page.

After a while, I stopped writing in general. It wasn’t until the whole GamerGate hashtag started on Twitter and I wrote a twitlonger post detailing a lot of my feelings towards the recent things going on there that I started getting the taste for it again. So I wrote another one. And another one. After all of that, I felt like I really had to bring my blog back. Not a new thought, I’d been going back and forth about starting a new blog, joining an existing site owned by friends, continuing on Destructoid, or getting active on here. It took me a while, but I’ve finally decided that this is the place I want to continue writing for. Not an easy decision to make, because I’ve felt uneasy about this blog for the longest time. My laptop dying just when I’d really get in the groove of writing regularly again three times in a row didn’t help fight that feeling either.

I wrote for this blog during some of my darkest times. This blog was started right before I moved to England, was with me during my time with my family after that, was active during my time in Ireland, and it was where I wrote while all the baggage that comes with surviving homelessness. It took a while for me to feel okay with my own identity again, and as such, it wasn’t easy for me to accept a place that was in my own name.

All that stuff said about having negative feelings about it, this is blog’s also been a huge success for me during that time. I got a lot of my chest writing here, and even managed to get a position editing a magazine because of my time here. For all the unease I’ve felt during the past two years about this place, I’ve also felt a lot of pride for having made this place. Completely abandoning it would be an absolute shame.


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