Social Media’s changed. It’s not the same as it was years and years ago. Remember when FaceBook wasn’t just an imageboard where people repost bigger “funny” “Like” pages taken from imageboards and Tumblr blogs? Or when Twitter had a weekly fallout, rather than one half a day?

I barely post on Facebook anymore. And these days I keep going on long tangents about why Twitter needs to collectively shut the hell up about the current outrage already. It didn’t used to be like this. Things have changed, and, most likely, I’ve changed even more.

Let’s rewind to three years ago. I’d decided I wanted to write more. I wanted to get out of the restaurant job I had. I spent about 40-50 euros on groceries a week, almost all of it snackfood, despite getting free food at the restaurant.

Twitter was a much more positive place back then. Oh yeah sure, there would be a huge outrage over something every week or so. But overal, people just talked to each other. Made fun of things together. We got to know each other.

Then more and more people got succesful at selling shit. Twitter became more and more well-known as a marketing tool. Everyone and their dog was now a social media guru with something to sell. Talking about stuff outside of your product became an official declaration, part of the overal package you’re selling.

A few crappy TV shows were based on Twitter accounts. Books started coming out from people who had “funny” Twitter accounts. So the overal package needed to be snarky, edgy, and funny.

Three years later, I’m on Twitter again. I’ve been to England, Ireland, lived with my parents again, been homeless, and now I’m back to where I was before any of this even started. I spend about 10-15 euros on groceries a week, follow a much healthier diet, and don’t rely on free food from elsewhere anymore. I’ve learned how to disconnect and ground myself better. Now looking at what social media has become, or maybe always has been just irritates me.

One outrage a week didn’t give people enough things to give their expertly hilarious take on yet. Now we have two or three per day as a minimum. The people jumping these topics have become more desperate for a leftover bone from the first succesful group of twittering twats, and they’re all following the codebook the original group left behind step by step.

Gawker Media sites have never thrived as well as they are thriving now. All this outrage and controversy is what a network of tabloid sites make their living on. They barely have to stir the pot anymore, just putting out an article or two is enough for the internet to through a fit about it.

Geek feminism became a huge fucking deal in the midst of all of it. About time it became a big deal too, but unfortunate it had to follow the generic template of Twitter outcry. Ill-researched articles by succesful middle-class white women on tabloid sites became one of the main weapons on the arsenal of Twitter Feminism. The endgoal having nothig to do with actual feminism, but with getting attention for being a young, pretty, white girl with too much time on their hands in geeky circles. Everything with a female character in it became a sexist target for having these female characters doing anything, because anything can be twisted enough if you remove enough of the context and give a skewed opinion-based view of it. Anything without a female character was immediately sexist too.

Best example being Dragon’s Crown. A beat ‘m up where one out of six characters has giant breasts. This game was immediately declared sexist because a character you aren’t forced to make a part of your game has big tits. At the same time other games are berated for making female character look too much like male characters because they have small tits by the same people. Timid female characters who hide their sexuality or are ashamed of it are attacked by the same people who then turn and attack Bayonetta for being strong and owning hers.

It doesn’t take long to see Twitter Feminists are like almost all Twitter users: seeking controversy for the sake of controversy as a desperate cry for attention. A large group of women were even vocal about how they shouldn’t interact with man in a normal manner and explain why they keep crying outrage over anything, and anyone who conducts themselves calmly and stop throwing a tantrum over everything isn’t a real feminism.

And Twitter is like that with everything. Everything is the biggest fucking deal all the time. We have to get upset about everything, and if we don’t, we have to make fun of it. Otherwise we’re not a cool Twitterer. That is law.

Fuck that sensationalist approach. It’s pathetic. There’s no reason to be that damned desperate. You know what the difference is between people who got those book deals and TV shows, and most people on Twitter now? Those first people were first. Following the path of someone who made it leads you to a locked door, the room occupied by the person you followed. Nothing’s there anymore. Find something else to do.

That goes for everyone doing the horoscope tweets now too. I get it, Nightvale did a cool thing on Twitter. Now you hope to gain the same boost in audience to lift along with Nightvale after they exploded. Very cool and all, except you’re not Nightvale. Nobody is Nightvale. You’re a cheap imitation, and you and 10 other uninspired fuckweasels are doing it. 10 people doing daily horoscopes. For some reason around the same time. You know how many tweets that is? I don’t either, because I’ve unfollowed too many people who did this to care.

Again, desperation. Everyone’s trying the same path at the same time because thet recently saw it worked for someone. You ever see how long traffic gets during rush hour?

Sometimes I just sit and stare at Twitter and I really wonder how these people can be so desperate for attention, while still so deathly afraid of being spied on. You would think combining the two would put an end to desperation, but apparently it doesn’t. I wouldn’t mind being spied on. I pretty much live under the assumption that people know a lot more about me than I give away. Which is why I’m not all too difficulty about having all my cards on the table face-up on the internet. I’m not interesting enough to cyberstalk, but god, I know people have actually done just that. I’m not interesting enough to spy on through my webcam. But who knows, maybe there is footage out there on the internet of me looking bored while winning a quick game of League of Legends.

I guess the biggest difference between me and Twitter these days is how I look at it. I’m not really using it as a marketing tool, or as a way to plug shit anymore. For me, it’s pretty much one big forum right now. I’ve met a lot of interesting people on there I’d like to keep in contact with, who post their posts, often completely outside of all the outrage that’s going on everywhere else. Maybe I’m just getting too old for all this fake outrage that’s going on everywhere.


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