Monthly Wrap-Up: April 2013

A month of ups and downs for me. Especially in terms of energy. Nothing really bad has happened, but I keep feeling out of it for some reason. At least I’m in a position where I can allow myself to not always be at my best, although it can still feel frustrating when there’s so much other things I want to be doing but can’t because I just don’t have the energy.



Rear Window, Hunger Games, Crank, Crank High Voltage, 3 Idiots, Cave Dwellers, Gamera, Outlaw, The Castle of Fu-Manchu, The Wild World of Batwoman, Master Ninja 1, Gamera Vs Gaos, Gamera VS Barugon

Here’s something unexpected. Last month I watched all the Twilight movies, the Star Wars Prequels, and this month I ended up watching the MST3K episode with Castle of Fu-Manchu. You’d think I’d have built up enough bad movies to make it impossible for anything to possibly creep below the standard those movies have set. I guess anything’s possible, because I ended up watching a movie in some list of the best movies of the last decade that managed to be even worse than all these cinametic atrocities combined. 3 Idiots was like The Big Bang Theory as a Bollywood movie. There was just so much to take offense to that I don’t even know where to begin. So I just won’t. If anyone tells you to watch it, punch them. Please.

The most fun with movies I’ve had this month was, easily, the Crank movies. Sure, they’re not masterpieces in any respect, but they’re just a blast to watch. Hadn’t seen Crank 2 yet, so I decided to watch both back to back. Considering the pacing of the second movie, that  was a good call.



Breath of Death VII, Hotline Miami, Retro City Rampage, Super House of Dead Ninjas

Indie much? I played through Breath of Death VII, which ended just as I was starting to appreciate it. Still playing Cthulhu Saves The World, which for some reason isn’t doing it for me despite being more of the exact same. Hotline Miami was an incredibly thrilling game to play through, even if I fully completed it in just two sittings. Retro City Rampage was some of the most fun I’ve had with a GTA-styled game since Saints Row 2. Super House of Dead Ninjas has quickly become my new Spelunky.

In the meantime, I’m still playing through Knights of the Old Republic on Tumblr. I’m enjoying the game a lot, but there are a lot of issues I still want to talk about. For now, it’s probably best if I beat the game first, although I am getting close to that. Most of my issues have a lot less to do with the game in itself, but more with BioWare as a whole. It has a lot to do with storylines they’d use later on in Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

Speaking of doing things on Tumblr, I did a Lets Play style playthrough of FTL featuring the members of a podcast, the KGBcast. They loved it and talked about it on their show!



Batman: Year Two, Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again, All New X-Men, Superior Spider-Man, Uncanny Avengers, The Walking Dead, A+X, Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past, Dial H

That’s a lot of comics. At least, for me it is.

Let’s see, the biggest disappointments were the two Batman titles. Year Two had some of the strangest and inconsistent panels that I’ve seen in Batman so far. Then again, they’re drawn by Todd McFarlane, who seemed to go further into his typical Spawn-style as the comic went on.

batman mcfarlane

Batman Year Two… I’m still doing my best to forget about. That bad.

On the other hand (I feel like a horrible person now), there was The Walking Dead. After two failed attempts to get into the TV show, I decided to get into the comic books instead. Not too surprised that all the things I had problems with in the TV show isn’t present in the comic. Especially all the problems with characterization are gone. What is a pleasant surprise is that despite all these weak character tropes and scenes being excluded, the characters actually come forward much more realistically than they did on TV. Right now I’m probably about 1 season ahead of the TV show. Really amazing comic.

Not the best comic I’ve read this month, but I’ll get on that.

I’m really amazed with the quality of Marvel’s Uncanny Avengers and All New X-Men. They remind me of everything I loved about X-Men growing up, while still taking the franchises in new directions. And the art is so good.

Speaking of good art. Dial H. Of all the ongoing stuff I’m trying to keep up with, Dial H is the absolutely best. Amazing art, awesome concept, just go read it if you like comics. From what I’ve been hearing, Dial H can use the extra readership and it’d be a shame to see this one go down because of weak sales.


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