What I Want From Wrestlemania 29

Having only recently come back to the wrestling scene, it’s only natural for me to have demands for the upcoming Wrestlemania. I mean, I’ve only been watching it again for the last month or so. Just in time to catch all the build-up for the event as it really got started. Besides, I’m not that demanding a person, really. I can live with some of these things not happening.

At least, I can live with all but one of these things not happening.

WWE Canadians

First of all, I’m looking forward to the pay-off to the rivalry between Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger. This storyline started the week I started watching RAW again, and I’ve been enjoying it quite a deal. From Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter’s propaganda videos, to Del Rio’s parodies of them. Even that one moment where Swagger beat up the original iteration of his character type, Sgt. Slaughter at Old School RAW.

Swagger can win this and keep this propaganda deal running with another foreigner stepping into the ring with him as a rival. Or Alberto Del Rio can finish it, settling this situation, possibly even ending that We The People propaganda plot along with it.

Although I’m rooting for Alberto Del Rio and want him to win, I’m happy so long as this storyline ends after Wrestlemania. Not because it’s stretched out too far, but because it’s the perfect length for what this rivalry is worth. Plus after this week’s RAW, when the crowd started chanting “USA” during one of Del Rio’s matches, I don’t think WWE will want to play this angle for that much longer.


Secondly, I want The SHIELD obliterated. This has gone on for longer than it should have, and it never felt like it’s been going anywhere to me. To think that it’s been going on for a long while before I started watching just baffles me. It’s uninteresting, predictable, and none of the members of The SHIELD are really interesting.

They’re building up to bringing justice to this Wrestlemania now. I hope that’s the end of it. The individual characters should come back, but not as a group though. Fuck that shit.

CM Punk Undertaker

20 – 1


As much as I’m absolutely sure that it won’t happen, I want CM Punk to end the streak. Why? Because I like Punk. The death of Paul Bearer destroyed any chance of this one happening. Even if they considered CM Punk to defeat The Undertaker at first, Bearer’s death and CM Punk forcing The Undertaker to take this one personal is going to make it even harder to swallow that the streak was ended this year. Then again, CM Punk as a heel has done and said a lot of things that the audience apparently found hard to swallow. Repeatedly.

So consider me optimistic in that regard.

the rock

The Rock going down.

Almost everyone should see this one coming. The Rock going against Cena. Legacy versus Redemption. The Rock who came from a line of wrestling champions versus Cena going through a personal arc of dealing with defeat and becoming a better wrestler through it.

It’s not that interesting. Cena’s not that great to watch. The Rock is even less interesting. But at least Cena shows up and has some presence on the mic.

Having caught up with RAW, I’ve been amazed that the title was in the hands of someone as inactive as The Rock. Even after the build up with Cena, he’d rarely show his face. It got painful when they’d have to show footage of the trash talking between The Rock and Cena during both RAW and Smackdown to remind us that The Rock is still around. It’s become increasingly hard to tell since he rarely ever shows his face in either show.

Considering the champion is the face of the company, he should have an active presence during the shows, giving the audience their money’s worth by, at the very least, showing up. As such, The Rock is a terrible champion.

Hopefully he’ll drop out after losing the belt to Cena. That is the only thing I absolutely want to see this Wrestlemania. The Rock losing the title belt and focusing on what he’s best at. Starring in bad action movies.


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