Laptops and Houses

i want actionI finally have a computer of my own again! It’s an MSI CR650. Not exactly a gaming rig, or even a powerhouse of a laptop, but it allows me to write, access the internet, catch up on news and blogs, and plays Terraria and Puzzle Pirates. Currently, that’s more than enough for me. So yeah, I’m happy.

Some time ago, I was told there’s a fund for people with lower incomes in situations like mine. I do a lot of things online, but the public computer at my current living space has a gigantic filter that blocks everything it deems inappropriate by scanning the page makeup for any words it does not like. Just imagine how hard doing anything online is with something like that.

The internet filter was set so extremely that the Wikipedia page for knitting of all things is blocked for containing “Intimate Apparel”. Not exactly helpful when you’re trying to get back into that whole writing thing. Also searching for housing, banking information, checking your e-mail are all impossible. The filter will find something it won’t like and deny you access to the pages. Even the website for the tax office was banned because the Dutch word for “can” is too similar to the English word “Cunt.”

It’s a one letter difference by the way, the Dutch word is “kunt.” You can see how this would make it nearly impossible to do anything online.

Putting the problems of the Great Internet Filter aside, there was another upcoming problem. I’d be moving soon. And the place I’m moving to won’t allow internet connections for whatever reason. It’s the one big catch to that place. If it wasn’t for that, the new house would be perfect. Internet cafes are out of the order here, the library made those completely obsolete by offering completely free wi-fi. But I didn’t have anything to connect to it besides my shitty cheap LG phone that can barely access mobile Twitter.

Talking about this, the fund came up. If you can prove your need for needing extra money to help you improve your living situation in a big way, they’d come in and help you get this. I was set up for this fund, with the explanation that I mostly do my things online, that I have this blog as well as several others, that I have writing projects going on, that I also want to get back into freelance writing work online, that, with a laptop, I’d be able to do all these things as well as manage my banking, housing, and other important life things, at the library.

Honestly, I didn’t really think they’d consider my cause worth it. As much as a lot of these things are important, especially to me, it felt like this was too close to a luxury request. Important to me, sure, but not important enough to deem the help of some outside agent that helps people break out of the low-income cycle.

And yet, here I am, writing this on my laptop that I got through their help. I’m still amazed about all of it.

Now I can catch up on a lot of stuff again. Piece together the pieces that I felt missing in my music library. Read the old webcomics I was trying to stay current with. See what the bloggers I enjoy reading are up to. Properly contact people important to me. Properly update this blog again. Write for Game Characters Not Giving Fucks. Join in on Flash Fiction challenges. And maybe terrorize the seas in Puzzle Pirates again.

What? I just really like that game.

That’s not all the good news.

Last Monday, I got to pick up the keys to my new place. As of writing, I still have a few things to move over. I’m going from a room with a shared toilet, bathroom, and kitchen, to a place with a separate bedroom, living room, and kitchen. I don’t have to share anything. It’s a big improvement.

It was a stressful build up to it. Originally, I had a sighting for it. I wanted to accept it, but then the person who ended up refusing before me said he wanted it anyway. So it went back to him. I was angry. Very angry. And I continued to be that for quite some time while searching for a different place to live. Then later on I heard that guy who refused wouldn’t be able to live there due to financial reasons. It went back to me. I could move within the week.

So last Monday I got a phone call, saying I could pick up the keys. Then, not long after coming back home after moving a few things in advance, my laptop came in the mail.

Monday was a damn good day. I could use more Mondays like that.


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