Last Man On Earth Sees The Avengers

The Avengers

Finally saw The Avengers the other day. I’m not going to bother you with a review. There’s a good chance that I am the last person on the face of the entire world who had not seen The Avengers yet. So now that I’ve seen it, I can retire from my position as the last man on the planet who somehow managed not to see this one movie from last year yet.

Okay, it sounds like a massive hyperbole on my part now, but I did tab out on several articles opening with lines like “Everyone’s seen The Avenger at least twice now…”

I will tell you this, it was an okay movie. An opinion that’s apparently offensive to many legions of non-comic-book-reading-Marvel fans everywhere. Funnily enough, the people who know their Marvel seem more okay with it. Although it could just be because the people who did wait for this to happen all these years are the older fans.

So yeah. The Avengers was okay. Just a few marks below great. It was action-packed, full of character, had tons of great character development, and overall there wasn’t much wrong with it. If I would have to give it a rating, I would give it 3 out of 5 Flaming Skulls. But I don’t give ratings in my reviews, and this is not a review.

This about my favorite thing of this movie. Which has remained the same since before I even saw it.

What I really loved about The Avengers is that it has happened. A comic book movie that ties a whole collection of comic book movies together. Not only that, one that even does them all justice.

The Avengers is a Marvel movie as Marvel movies should be. That alone is a gigantic barrier that has seemed unbreakable for a long time. Even during the long movie-spanning set-up for it, the perception and expectance of what a comic book movie could be changed a lot.

The words “It’s good, for a comic book movie” kind of changed over the last few years. Kick-Ass was better than the comic. The Nolanverse was a great spin on Batman that got a lot closer to modern Batman than most non-comic fans were previously even aware of and made people stop thinking in lines of comic book movies, and the current line of Marvel movies are, to me at least, the modern equivalent of ’80s action movies.

In fact, Marvel’s really got a good hand in creating the big, fun, action-packed line of movies that I’ve felt has been missing since the mid ’90s. For a few years, my main complaint was that there weren’t enough actors around who could carry a good action movie anywhere. The ones who are capable of it never seem to be going anywhere with their choices, and the old guard is only good for ironic viewings anymore. And there’s only so much you can do with irony before it falls flat.

The one movie that brought back the fun in over-the-top action movies for me was Thor. It was a movie just so aware of exactly what it was and never overplayed its hand or overstayed its welcome, and managed to put up believable stakes (for so far as you can believe in demigods falling to Earth with a giant hammer), and still keep a feel-good vibe to it.

I still like Thor a lot more as a movie than The Avengers just for having better structure and a stronger overall vibe for me. And for Meowmeow. I won’t ever stop calling it Meowmeow.

Thor and Meow Meow

Thor and Meowmeow

The Avengers seemed a bit all over the place. But if you consider just how many characters came together in one movie, each one a main character in their own movie, and each from movies with completely different vibes. So it’s not that’s not surprising. It’s even commendable that they manage to make the movie work with a big cast like this. Although my complaint is not even just about the delivery or style, it’s also the plot. At too many points did it feel like it was trying to do too much at the same time. Although I guess this is why most people see it multiple times.

That’s currently my main issue with The Avengers. The more I think about the movie’s individual pieces, the less I like the movie. The more I think about it as a whole construct, the more I appreciate and like it. Like it hits both all the right notes I want it to, but then also hits all the notes I don’t want it to at the same time. It’s just hitting all the notes. And at points I can’t if some notes were planned, hit by accident, or if they just mashed a whole bunch at the same time in bulk.

I’ll probably have to see it again to be sure. Although I’m still not sure if I really want to watch it again for that reason, or if I should move on to something I want to rewatch because I liked it more. Like Thor.


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