2012, A Quick Recap

There’s a lot that could be said about 2012. For one, you could say it was a year. Not one of the better years either.

  • I started the year with a weird roommate who collected retro media formats he knew nothing about.
  • Had a short relationship.
  • Was mentioned on a podcast several times.
  • Read about 70 books.
  • Saw about 50 movies, which for me is incredibly low.
  • Played through about 40 games.
  • Got about 20 new games on Steam.
  • Actually paid for 3 of those.
  • Finally got into Community.
  • Became popular on Tumblr, and closed my account.
  • Started playing a lot of DotA.
  • Slept out on the streets, in a shelter, and now have my own place again.
  • Wrote for several websites.
  • Worked as an editor.
  • Printed magazines.
  • Made friends.
  • Lost friends.
  • Given up on life. More than once.
  • Found new reasons to keep going on anyway.
  • Learned to play chess.
  • Became a regular on a few sites.

Somehow, I survived all of that.

Since I have a computer of my own again, I should be able to update the site again. I’m also considering bringing back the Tumblr for Liveblogging, as well as Game Characters Not Giving Fucks blog. There’s no internet at my place at the moment, but I’ll see what I can do to get around that problem.

Not having had the time and space to just simply write for a long time makes it hard to get back into it at full force, so I’ll need some time to build up. It’s really true what they say, momentum is important to writing. Perhaps even one of the most important parts to it.

Starting up from scratch is never easy, but at some point you just gotta go ahead and just go for it, right?


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