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Well, it finally happened. After a brief stint with League of Legends, which was fun in ways I didn’t expect, I found my way into the DotA 2 beta. Before I knew it, my life was lost to the Dire. Lina, bot, check for runes.

One thing that’s really confusing in this massive war between MOBAs, the bad rep that the DotA 2 community has been getting. Yes, all the typical bad aspects from this kind of game is there. The “omg I’m pro” kids who feed because they have no patience. The people who disconnect at the earliest signs of it not being an easy win. The cries of “stop feeding you noob” by the very people who leave you to die after initiating.

And on the opposite side of it, you have the people who are okay with a loss. Who don’t mind dropping behind a bit. Who will buy support items. Play support heroes. Roleplay in chat. Trash talk with the other team. All in all, it’s been a good experience for me so far.

In fact, both the community as well as the gameplay is very much preferable to me than League of Legends ever was. I didn’t play League of Legends for long. Tribes: Ascend distracted me from it almost immediately after I started. Now DotA 2 has drawn me away from Tribes: Ascend with ease.

For the most part, it’s pretty much what I expected it to be. The main map is the same familiar three lane map. Item building works the same way. There’s farming. Hero combos that play into each other. Just about everything that you’d expect from a MOBA is there.

Having never played the regular Defence of the Ancients, there were enough changes for me to learn to take into account. Couriers that bring items from your stash in base. Last hitting not just the enemy’s creeps, but denying your owns as well to stop the other team’s exp and gold growth.

DotA 2 ratings

I have to give major credit to Valve for the matchmaking system too. Not just putting people in skill-based tiers, but also taking commendations, reports, and early games abandoned. You’re allowed to commend everyone you play with once, in 5 seperate fields (Friendly, Forgiving, Teaching, Leadership) which in turn makes the game match you with people with similar ratings. Leave too many games, and you’ll notice that matchmaking is taking a lot longer.

Those kids constantly asking if servers are down, or whining that matchmaking takes extremely long? They’re in queue hell for having left too many games prematurely.

When you start getting to the higher tier games, you see fewer people disconnecting, as the ones that used to started learning better than that. I think I’m just about to burst into that higher tier’s bubble. And I am so looking forward to wrecking teams that play on a more even scale.


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