I Finally Beat Super Mario Bros 3


Some of you might remember one of my geek confessions about how I never beat Super Mario Bros 3. Strange as it might sound, it has always haunted me how I couldn’t beat this game. It’s the only one of the NES era of Mario games that I never played to completion, and being a gamer who has played through countless games, it just bothers me that one of the finest platformers proved itself too much for me.

Not anymore. Last night I stormed that pesky maze castle, ran past the final airship, broke into Bowser’s castle, and… Well, I let him fall to his death. Perhaps not the most heroic way to bring down a boss, letting him kill himself out of his own stupidity, but it counts.

Next up is playing through the 16-bit Castlevania titles. The first Castlevania I ever beat was Symphony of the Night. It’s only recently that I went back to the older Castlevania games to beat those. Am I enjoying them so far? No, not really. But I do want to have played through them.

2 thoughts on “I Finally Beat Super Mario Bros 3

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