Guest Post: Call of Duty: Recycled Warfare

Today’s the last day of Guest Post Week. With a post by none other than Matt “Pxul”.

You know, I’ve noticed that in the past 4-5 years or so, game developers have decided that if they have a popular FPS or RPG series, such as Fallout or Call of Duty, they have already planned to do absolutely nothing to improve the game and instead, choose to rehash it every one to two years. This bothers the hell out of me and I want it stopped.

Modern Warfare 3

I’ll start with Call of Duty; the only distinctive differences between Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3 are the guns that have been reskinned, the perks got even more abusable, the killstreaks have actually gotten worse, and the action has gotten a fraction of a second faster. But even if the guns do seem like reskins, sometimes they don’t even change what the clip looks like, so the gun looks wonky and ridiculous if you’re reloading it or sprinting with it.

The perks are basically split up versions of Black Ops’ and MW2’s perks. I can’t tell you how many times I have been killed by someone who was running with Blind Eye-Assassin-Dead Silence, because they are literally unable to be seen or heard. They’re like annoying, pestering ninjas whose intentions probably including making you throw your controller through the television screen.

Another more thing that MW3 messed up on: the killstreak packages. Can someone tell me why in the blue hell the Stealth Bomber streak is in the Support package, when it should be in the package that actually is supposed to kill the enemy? You know, the Assault Package? Infinity Ward messed up on putting the UAV in both the Support and Strike packages as well, because with Strike, you’re supposed to kill. If you want to detect an enemy, you’d expect your teammates who are doing Support streaks to call it up. But no, Infinity Ward assumed that your teammates are all incompetent and don’t know how to press right on the D-pad, so they gave you UAV out of pity because you have to do everything yourself, even if you’re in Team Deathmatch.

When I spawn in Modern Warfare 3, I expect to live for maybe about 2 seconds before some asshole who’s sitting behind a wall clipping decides to scope in with his sniper and shoot me in the head. When I say that the action has gotten just a tiny bit faster, I mean that you have to have twitch-like reflexes to get the hell out of spawn before you get murdered. I don’t know what psychedelic drug the map designers over at Infinity Ward were taking when they decided to set all the spawns, but I think when they had the option to vary the distance between the nearest enemy and where you spawn, they smashed ‘0’. I have recorded game footage that has me and two teammates spawning directly in front of a sprinting enemy, only for all three of us to be mowed down. Ladies and gentleman, this is not improvement. This… this thing shouldn’t even be considered a sequel.

The Madden effect should not exist in shooter games. The producers do not need to be set on a nine to ten month deadline to produce the exact same game with a few extra features and the gameplay drastically worse. But you know what the worst part about it is? This trend this isn’t just for mainly shooters, either. When I played New Vegas, the only thing that seemed different to me was the map was maybe a little bit bigger, but the gameplay was buggier, the missions were just a slight bit longer only a couple of times, and the end result was disappointment.

This method of recycling should not be accepted, and we should not stand for this. One day, I hope we will all boycott any games that have been recycled the past four years, and hope that the publishers realize that they are killing gaming with strict deadlines.

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