Team Fortress 2: Meet The Classes – Defense

Team Fortress 2 Defensive Classes

They often say that the best offense is a good defense. This could be especially true in most games of Team Fortress 2 I’ve played. Last week we looked at the Offensive part of the Team Fortress 2 crew. This week we’ll be looking at my experiences and thoughts on the Defensive team. Erecting a Dispenser!


Nick Fury or the Demoman? You decide!In modern Team Fortress 2, the Demoman comes in two flavors. The old-school explosive kind, and the charging Demoknight. Some time ago I came across a flowchart describing what character is for you, the first question was if you had any self-respect. If you don’t, you go for the Demoman. That’s how overpowered he’s considered.

With the Demoknight equipment (ChargeTarge+Eyelander), I feel there should be a second question after it, asking if you want to win, because the Demoknight is clearly aimed at classes that neither have any respect for themselves or care about winning.

I honestly do not see any point to playing a Demoknight. You want to charge up close and attack? Go play a Scout and beat people up with a baseball bat. Perhaps that’s part of the joke. The Demoman, as a character, seems to have a gigantic identity crisis. And now you can play him as half a Soldier, and as half a Scout.

Although that isn’t entirely true. The explosive half of the Demoman is extremely powerful. Much more so than a Soldier. If you’re good enough at bouncing pipebombs around walls, and using stickies dynamically, one Demoman is about as effective as a constantly crit-rocketing Soldier.

Even when I’m playing a shitty game with the Demo, I still find it easy to keep a positive K/D going on. I can see how his lower health should keep him from being overpowered on offense, he can push through a blockade much more effectively than any offensive character possibly could.


By far the most straight-forward of all classes, but still one of the most essential characters of a team at any given moment. The Heavy is yet another class I would first think of in offensive roles, rather than defensive. Combined with a good Medic, a Heavy is an almost unstoppable force when pushing through, and an immobile object defending.

There are certain maps where it feels like Heavies downright decide the outcome of the entire game, it can feel like survival decides if the team makes it or not. Stage 3 of Dustbowl is a great example of this.

His biggest exploitable weaknesses are his size and speed, which makes him an almost favorable target for the Snipers, Spies, and especially now with the Sandman, Scouts.

I’m afraid there just isn’t much to say about the Heavy, even with all the upgrades he’s gotten in terms of the Sandvich, and the different sets of box gloves. He’s still solid as a rock. Although it is notable that even with the K/D mentality of a lot of players, people still prefer not to pick Heavy simple because he often makes the game feel like a slow-paced point and click adventure.

That doesn’t mean the Heavy is an uneventful class. Heavies are always where the action is. They have to be, especially with the range of their minigun. Up close, it’s a meat grinder, but from a distance it’s about as effective as most Snipers are useful.


On a server with unexperienced players, you’ll quickly come to hate the Engineers, clogging up your server without really doing much of anything outside of camping around their Dispensers and Sentries. While on the better servers, you’ll be thankful for the few people choosing to stick with the Engineer, as they’ll be the ones providing you with most of the support you’ll need to take down the enemy team.

Need to get to the action fast? Teleporter, goin’ up! Need a place to quickly recharge close to the action? Erectin’ a Dispenser! And let’s not forget that a Level 3 Sentry is a genuine obstacle for most of the classes to overcome when moving forward. A good Engineer is the basis for any good team.

One thing I’ve learned from my short time playing the Engineer is that you should always pay attention to what weapons people are carrying as they’re passing through your work area. Spies never hold secondary or melee weapons. Just knowing this makes it much easier to spot them. And you don’t want no Spies sappin’ ya Sentry, do you?

That’s about it for the Defensive team. Most of them are much too straight-forward to really say much about. Next week, we’ll look at the Supporting team. See you then!


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