When Life Gives You Lemons…

When life gives you lemons you sit around staring at the fucking things to try to squeeze something witty and original out of them.

Admit it.

You know everyone around has been making lemonade with them, and lemonade tires you. There’s lemonade everywhere. You’re looking for that one idea, that one niche, that you can fill with your stock of lemons.

Everyone around you is creating crafty lemon sculptures and scriptures. Everything is positively lemon. You wonder what else could be done with lemon that hasn’t been done yet.

What is a lemon anyway? You start to wonder about this more deeply, as your mind drifts away into a philosophical exploration of lemons. You research the basics of lemon, trying to get a better understanding of the sour fruit, the asian tree, the Fool’s Garden song.

You wonder how you got here. You wonder why you’re looking so much into this.

And still, you can’t think of anything.

This is when you start wondering if maybe lemonade isn’t that bad an idea after all. So many people seem to be enjoying their choice. Maybe it’s for you too. Maybe, somewhere out there, there’s the perfect lemonade. Just the right concentration of the fruit juice, water… and maybe something else.

It’s only up to this point, when you have the idea for the best lemonade ever, that you realize these are metaphorical lemons, and life has just given you another bunch.

Sometimes lemons are just best left as lemons. Sometimes it’s best not to let that yellow blockade get to you. And hey, sometimes you just like things sour anyway.


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