The Riddle

Life’s riddle is like this gigantic structure. You have the basic plans for your structure, and you have a good idea of how to build this thing up. So you search for the right pieces, click them together, and build your way to the top.

Halfway through making your creation, you suddenly realize that you haven’t been working with LEGO pieces at all. You’ve got K’nex pieces lying around, despite the fact that you’ve been trying to follow a LEGO building guide. You start thinking about scrapping the whole project. You start thinking of how you could improvise with what you’ve got so far. You panic. You think that maybe you should just wreck the whole thing and start from scratch.

Halfway through destroying your original work, you realize that the old structure you were working on could still very well work with this LEGO guide, K’nex pieces or no.

As soon as you realize this, you start noticing all the intricate little differences between how building with LEGO and K’nex work out in the global scheme, and that there really was no need to worry about it this much. Your panic has allowed you to deal with these changes in an incredibly clear and almost zen-like way.

When you wake up, you find out that this whole analogy was just a dream. You then find yourself in a room with a gigantic Meccano set, and a plan to build a giant structure.


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