I Warned You About Research, Bro!!!

I told you dog!


Sometimes you get the idea to write something up that sounds easy. Too easy. All it takes is a little research into something. Like insane online fanbases. You see them all around, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get into it and write something about them.

Except in order to really get a decent piece rather than a stupid rant, it’s best to look into what they’re fan of, and then look at how the culture around it came to be.

Enter Homestuck. It has a fanbase most famous for writing slash fiction, drawing gay fan art, and having their mind completely molested with each and every new major update. I could easily just write a couple of hundred words with that information alone, but that would be unfair and plain childish.

Instead, I decided to look into Homestuck first, and read up on what the hell people are obsessing this much about. That would also make looking at the conversations between the fans a lot more tolerable and less alien.

Plus it sounds kind of fun, right? Reading a long-running webcomic as “research”?

Except it’s not fun. Not really.

So far Homestuck is one of the most plain retarded and convoluted web experiences I’ve encountered. The story is told over several timelines, seems to cover multiple planes of existence, and uses comics, flash animations, gameFAQs “guides”, music, and several spin-offs and references to said spin-offs to tell itself. The most famous spin-off being the in-universe Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, which at this point has a fanbase seperate from Homestuck itself.

This better become one hell of a good article, because research on the My Little Pony fanbase is up next…

At least I’ve got my Team Fortress 2 and gaming platform research all done without needing much work there.


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