And We’re Back!

Well, that was a letdown. Right when the blog started to pick up, updates became more frequent, and I started to get a lot more feedback to my blog. I vanished.

Poof. Gone. No updates.

New people subscribed, and to those I can’t do anything but apologize. Sorry about that, I certainly didn’t plan to leave you new people hanging. A lot of things happened, real life things. Things that weren’t on the internet, and things that weren’t “I just got lazy and didn’t feel like it.” or “My dancing hamster ate my blog post.”

I could give you the full story, the story of all that transpired the past few weeks, but it still feels a bit too fresh to put that out in public right now. Besides, I’m sure that to many of you the reaction would be one of:

What A Never Ending Story, Mark!

So I’ll give you some quick points of things that may or may not have happened. Feel free to interpret that any way you like.

  • I was in a house with an alcoholic who threw small parties every day, and when drunk enough would go off and verbally berate anyone in the room with him.
  • Got used as a pawn in an argument between two brothers.
  • Slept at a hostel for three days, two of which were actually paid for.
  • Saw a homeless guy with a Justin Bieber shirt.
  • Got challenged to write a short story about the people I was in the room with. Delivered it within 10 minutes.
  • Helped a girl get into another guy’s pants and walk off with them.
  • Sold lots of my stuff. Stuff I’d rather have kept.
  • Slept at a homeless hostel for a week. One I actually wasn’t entirely legal allowed to stay at.
  • Played guitar along with two other guys on guitar, one guy on drums, and one on accordion.
  • Played through most of The World Ends With You in one single sitting.
  • Was called a liar by several officials for telling them the truth.
  • Helped someone who I found lying on the bathroom floor, unconscious.
  • Stayed a night at an airport, reading.
  • Favorite pen ran out of ink.
  • Saw a random group on the street randomly take out instruments and start playing on them.
  • Randomly found blood on my notebook.
  • Read through The Hound of the Baskervilles, Small Gods (Pratchett), The Partner (John Grisham), and most of The Stand (Stephen King) during the course of the past two weeks.
Hopefully I’ll be back to normal posts soon enough. But first I think I need to collapse and regain the ability to think normally again.

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