This is a short piece I put together for the flash fiction challenge over on Terrible Minds. Tell us a story of revenge, Chuck Wendig told us. But keep it under 100 words, he added. The penmonkey asked, so this wordslave delivers. Hopefully it’s short and (bitter)sweet enough.


Abandoned and forgotten. That’s how you’d leave them. Always left them. Afterwards you’d ask for more.

Strangely, I always provided them, knowing how you’d abuse them. Wondering what kind of sick joy it gave you.

One day this was going to catch up to you. One day your secret would be revealed. One day I would avenge the damage that you had done.

“Hey, you got another pen?” You asked. No shame. No guilt.

I drove the pen through your hand, nailing it to the table. “Take care not to lose this one” I said, smiling. “It’s precious to me.”

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