Sometimes you just sit on a massive pile of rocks at the beach, hills everywhere around you, reading a book. Except you usually, don’t. It’s the first time you’ve ever even seen this kind of scenery outside of television and art. It’s a massive shift to what I’m used to, and I’ve had a lot of massive shifts spin me around during the last few months already.

A week ago, I’ve never waken up to the sound of a cow. Nor did I ever think I’d be in living in a street anywhere near the things. But here I am, and there are the cows. Just across the streets. A perfectly normal thing here.

Not that I’m complaining or anything. I think it’s amazing. It’s just overwhelming how many new experiences and things I keep running into since I started this blog. It’s a weird coincidence, that. It all started about a year ago, as did this blog. It’s mind blowing how much can happen in just one year.

Like having lived in three different countries, for instance. If you told me I’d leave the Netherlands a year ago, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. The way I saw countries, and how they worked, and how one moves from one to the other, was completely different back then. At times I have trouble relating to the me that was, but I guess that’s normal.

I’ll be trying to get the blog up and running again soon, things on here should be getting back to normal. I have no idea what goes for normal on here, but we’ll find out soon enough.

I’ve also started working on The Story With No Name again, so you can expect to see new posts on the Tumblr soon enough. When I’ve got that ball rolling again, it’ll be two posts a week, so keep your eye out for those.

Another thing I want to get back into is selling words. Or well, I never really got much of a foot in there, did I? By the time I finally felt like my words were sharp enough to give it a serious go, I lost my computer, my work, and the opportunity to properly write on a computer. I still wrote some stuff out longhand, but without being able to work on it on a computer, I couldn’t really do much with it besides sitting on it. It did not stop me from actually getting an article posted about my time in England though, so I really want to give it another shot now that I can. It’s a funny story how I got this article posted.

I received an e-mail saying they were looking for people who recently immigrated to the UK to write articles. I hadn’t given writing much of a chance for a while, and considering the situation I was in I didn’t think I would be able to write a proper article. Still, it was a good chance if I ever saw one, and they came up to me themselves, not the other way around, so why not? So I banged out an article in about 15 minutes, while in the background my little brothers were screaming and my mom complained about me”typing too loudly” twice. Gave it some time, edited it lightly to try and bring down the word count, only increasing it as I did so, and then pitched and sent it off.

After sending it, I figured I’d either get rejected or never hear of it again. It felt like one of the worst thing I had ever written, it was hard staying focussed on it since there were so many distractions in the background. I read it again during a rare quiet moment, and I wasn’t all too proud of what I had sent in.

A week later I got an e-mail saying the article had been picked up and was being posted.

I’m still amazed at it. I’ve sold words. In a situation where I never expected to be able to do anything like that. I still haven’t done anything with that money, I’m going to keep it and save it up until I can buy something that’ll last. Something that’s got to do with writing.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I have some old stuff I want to post that I wrote back into the Netherlands, along with some ideas that I still have to work out that I’ll post as well. But that’s for later.


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