Your Tumblarity Has Increased!

This is Tumblr

Long, long ago, I made an account on Tumblr. I had no idea what a Tumblr was, but I figured that if so many people could figure it out and have fun on there, I could do the same. So I opened up a Tumblr, and kinda messed around a bit. I posted really short bits about gaming, some thoughts, and some funny pictures. The funny pictures got more reblogs than anything else and required less effort to put up, so naturally I found myself mostly just putting up weird pictures there.

I still use Tumblr now, and I’d be lying if I told you I knew what a Tumblr is.  It’s a place I put up weird pictures I find on the internet. It’s also a site on which I have an ongoing story that I randomly pieced together for no good reason other than killing time. I also have a secret Tumblr where I post stuff I wouldn’t post anywhere else that only a small group of people read. Basically, it’s a weird site I use for completely seperate reasons.

Funnily enough, when I first started posting on Tumblr, there was this thing called Tumblarity. This kind of counter to show how popular your Tumblr account was. How well it did. It was a counter that drew from how much your posts got liked, how many reblogs they got, how many people follow you, and thin air. You could get reblogged like hell and take a dive in Tumblarity, or have a week of absolutely nothing and see it rise up beyond imagination.

Or at least, I heard that sorta thing happened. Back then I wanted a high Tumblarity because it sounded cool, but never got more than a Tumblarity of 10. It wasn’t until they got rid of that feature that I started gaining followers and reblogs. I sometimes still wonder what would’ve happened to my online ego if Tumblarity was still around the time I started getting over 1k reblogs.

There’s a couple of things I learned during my time Tumblring… Is that what you call it? Tumblring? I really don’t know. If that’s not a word, let’s make it a word right now.

So, here’s some stuff I learned Tumblring.

No, this is not a guide to Tumblr success by someone uber-Tumblr-famous. This is just stuff I encountered on there that actually proved to be useful, fun, and well… succesful of sorts.

Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted

I still have a problem seeing Tumblr as a proper blog. If you look at the way most people see your posts on their dashboard, there really isn’t much in there in terms of timed posts, organized content or professionalism. It doesn’t mean you can be a dickish cuntwaffle and act like it’s one of the chan sites, but at the same time, it does mean it’s open enough to accept similar memes and funny pictures. If you want to post a silly picture, do it. If you want to post six in a row, do it. Want to do a text post? Go for it. Feel like ranting a bit? Sure thing, no problem.

Think of it of something in between Twitter and a blog. Bite-sized posts are fine, almost prefered. People rush past their dashboard because of the amount of content on there. You have less time to get their attention, unless you already have a following that digs your longer posts or your Tumblr is aimed at longer posts, keep it short. Simple.

To Twitter: Reblog of a Reblog

I’ll admit, originally my Tumblr was just something to share silly pictures and longer posts with Tweeps, then more people found it. I still mostly have it for the connection to Twitter, and that’s fine. I just make sure not to spam Twitter too much. Twitterers don’t want to see all my Tumblr posts, so if there’s a storm of pictures brewing on my Tumblr and it gets spammy, I turn off the Twitter notifications. Most people really into my Tumblr already follow me on there, so there losses aren’t too great.

A Band Is As Good As Their Best Of Record

You know how bands always release records with their biggest hits and bestest songs? Have you ever listened to one of these CDs before you heard the rest of their work and just feel amazed at how much quality this band has produced? Yeah, likely you wouldn’t have had a similar feeling if you came to finding them by some random B-side of one of their less popular singles.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Some time ago I set up categories on my Tumblr’s main page. It was something I did to mess around with the pages feature so I could learn how to separate The Story’s chapters and fan-art and stories to their own pages.

Since then my old posts have been getting a lot more reblogs and likes. Plus I gained about half of my followers at a rapid pace.

People are often on the fence before following you. They go through your feed, see if there’s enough they like. If they don’t see enough to interest them, you’ve lost them. With a hand-selected list of best posts, they’ll see get a taste of the best instead of the most recent. There’s a bigger chance they’ll stick around hoping to see more of the same.

Often enough they won’t see stuff anywhere near that good ever again, but once people have warmed up to you enough, they’re more likely to like some of your lesser stuff too.

This doesn’t just apply to simple Tumblr picture posts, this could be applied to almost everything.

Sadly, this is as good as my Tumblr gets

The World Had Exploded

It all got blasted away in a sea of yellow, orange and grey before slowly fading away. At least, it didn’t fade away. Everything was still there, nothing had changed. Everything was supposed to have changed. Nothing was supposed to be there. Yet for some reason, when the smoke had cleared and the world’s collective minds eye found focus, there it was. Intact. Untouched.

That’s how The Story started. Just some weird paragraph I wrote and then wanted something to do with. I learned quite a lot from my experiences with that. Stumbling forward with a story that had no planning, no goal, no characters, until the moment I thought of something and threw it in.

At least, until the later chapters, they had some more planning and meat to them. A lot of the actual writing later on had me throwing in stuff other people told me to throw in. It almost became a collaborative writing project, what with the guest chapters, art, story ideas and whatnot everyone kept throwing at me. Almost everything got worked into it somehow.

Since I don’t have a computer of my own now, it’s on hold. Yet again. But when I get back to it, I’ll end it quickly. There’s other projects I want to work on, and I’m considering the use of Tumblr in those as well.

Tumblr: Storage Facility

You know that picture I keep using on here, the one with the fist punching someone and the line “Enough Words, I Want Action!” Found that on Tumblr. Actually, almost all the pictures on this blog where either found on Tumblr, or I uploaded them there myself. Tumblr is one of my favorite picture resources, outside of the original source of the pictures. Which tends to be image boards.

Picture from MyNameIsBruce

There’s a lot of uses to Tumblr accounts, so make us of them.


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