Attaining Nyanosity

Rambling SharkSeveral nights back I made one of the biggest and most important choices in my life. I decided to watch Nyancat. And not just any Nyancat. No! Non-stop Nyancat! What followed was a night of meditation, self-reflection, enlightenment and a catchy looped song that has lyrics consisting only of the Japanese word for cat noises: “Nyan”. I think it’s safe to say that after 8 straight hours (or 31832.4 seconds according to the site) that I have attained Nyanosity. Having reached such an amazingly and frequently sought state of being, I decided to write a blog post to share my thoughts and secrets on the subject. Most of them having nothing to do with Nyancat in any way.
Oddly enough, I don’t regret listening to a short looping song for 8 hours straight. I don’t regret that I started listening at 2am and stopped at 10am either. It was stupid. It’s likely that it was bad me mentally, and physically, and emotionally, and dentally, and in all manner of ways I’m still not sure of. Although at least something productive came out of it. Kind of.

It was also the kind of rash, silly, devil-may-care kind of thing that I desperately needed. It helped me separate myself from that annoying downward spiral I had myself stuck in for far too long. It helped me bring back that Dwarf Fortress player who used to write on this blog, who said that life needed more FUN. Not saying I should embrace massively crippling binges on stupidity, but it doesn’t hurt to loosen up and do something idiotic every now and again, right?

It’s been leaving a mark on my playlists lately as well. Instead of listening to “proper” music, I’ve found myself listening to things like It’s From The Show and Formidable Marinade. Although DAMN is Formidable Marinade an awesome song.

Avalon Code

Gaming-wise I’ve been spending most of my time playing Avalon Code on the Nintendo DS. It feels as if the game had flown right under my radar and just decided to purposely appear right after I wrote my DS Overview, just to teach me several lessons on my misplaced pride as a gamer. I’ll write in further detail on this game as soon as I’ve played more of it. Still, if you haven’t played this under-appreciated gem, you should. Right now.

Next to that I’m still playing Mother 3. Simply put the game is everything Earthbound was, and more. It keeps surprising me at how well it handles its narrative, and how alive these 32-bit sprites feel at times.

On a side note, I just had to look up how many bits the GBA is to finish that sentence. 32-bit, really? I was going to say 16, since most of the GBA titles seem to be on par with the SNES, rather than the first Playstation. Although to be fair, given how badly most early 3D titles aged, it’s sure to say that in 10 years from now GBA titles will have aged better, like the SNES. Maybe this will be the favorable 32-bit platform in the future.

Meanwhile in the Kingdom of Loathing, I have spent 2 entire day’s worth of adventures (well over 200 turns for future reference) on farming a simple non-rare item drop for use in the Naughty Sorceress quest. There is a level of rage building up towards the Lair that is beyond safe and healthy levels right now. I think it’s about time I start thinking item drops and how to increase them for the future.

Irregular Creatures by Chuck Wendig

If I have one regret of my time here in England, it’s how little I’ve read since coming here. I’ve played through 20 games, start to finish. Watched and rewatched a ton of movies. Seen quite a few TV shows and an almost sickening amount of webseries. Read through a few webcomics in their entirety… But books? I’ve read only 10 books in the six months I’ve been here. I can name all of ‘m too. Jurassic Park, Timeline, and Disclosure by Micheal Crichton. The Great Gatzby by Fitzgerald. Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett. A Game of Thrones and Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin. Slaughterhouse-Five by Vonnegut. Kingdom of Fear by Hunter S. Thompson. Irregular Creatures by Chuck Wendig. You really should read that last one if you haven’t.)

I’m ashamed of myself, really. I feel like I should have read way more while I was here. Time wasn’t really much of a problem. Same goes for availability. Books weren’t too hard to come by, especially when compared to the Netherlands. Getting the books I like over there usually comes down to paying too much for books imported from the UK or the US. Here you can just get them from the library. Free of charge.

The biggest problem was the amount of free time I had, I guess. It’s strange, the more time you have to do as you like, the less you’ll end up doing. The less time you have, the better and more productively you spend it. Most of my reading was done when my time here in England seemed like it would end. Heck, I got more reading done when that job I had took away almost all of my free time. This whole thing about pressure and deadlines being important to getting shit done? I can see the truth in that now.

Calvin and Hobbes

Writing? Oh, shit. Bringing that up makes me feel like that employee at a boring desk job that quickly closes his internet browser to quickly erase those 6 TVTropes pages from his screen as his boss walks into his cubicle, asking him about those reports that were due several hours ago.

Or something.
I have never worked a boring desk job. Is that how things work over there? If you’d tell me people at boring desk jobs go ice-skating in the middle of their office to decide who gets the promotional trophy of virginal sacrificing, I’d honestly believe you straight away.

Although… Actually, my writing hasn’t been going that bad. At least, if you agree with that or not largely depends on your opinion of The Story With No Name. As silly project that has actually gathered a bit of support. Heck, it’s drawn in fan-art and fiction, something that’s always nice to see people create on the basis of your own creation.

There’s stuff that I’m working on besides that, and things I’m researching before I’ll fully dive into those projects. There’s enough ideas, themes, and inspiration going around to work with these days, and putting all of it down so I can craft it into something worth-while later might be the best option right now. Writing on a massive TV screen is hard. Almost as hard as writing when you’re preparing to move countries yet again.

Soon enough I’ll be able to work on words like I’ve been wanting to though. With all that I’ve learned in the last half year, I’m sure at least two or three of those words might actually have some meaning to them.


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