The One Where We Catch Up

I haven’t updated in a while. I know, I’ve been a bad blogger the past few weeks. I should’ve gotten my mighty Whip of Writing and driven words towards my blog, snapping them in order with the crack of the badly metaphorized whip. Instead words have just been dancing around the area, taking pictures of the scenery, and fucking off like the tourists they are.

If anyone has any idea where I was going with that, please do fill me in. I’ve already lost track of this post at this point.

Where were we?

Oh right, I was going to talk about what I’ve been up to. Let’s get on with that then.

I have a job, as I’ve posted several weeks ago when I first landed the thing. I haven’t really gone into the details of the thing yet though, simply because I felt I didn’t want to at the time. Right now I feel comfortable enough to discuss things a bit more, so let’s dive right into that, shall we?

Okay, so what I do is simple. I get to work at around 10am, starting off with this thing we call Atmosphere. Basically we stand around in an empty office space with about 20 of us, not counting people working on other things, practicing our pitch, taking in lessons, and teaching said lessons back once we’re comfortable with them enough. Then we huddle up in a circle, yell weird things at each other, run in circles. There’s constant high fives at all times. Also a lot of loud music. It’s like a club, but everyone’s dressed for work and people are even a lot weirder because they’re still too sober.

Then we go out to other cities and knock on doors on behalf of charities, trying to sign people up. We get paid commission based, so each sign up gives us more pay. Do well, you can get minimum wage in a day or two. Do badly, you can walk out with nothing in a week.

Yeah, not something people would expect me to do, I imagine. I’m still shocked I’m actually doing this.

How well am I doing? Eh. I’m not sure, really. I’m signing some people up, but I’m not doing all to spectacular. The job is dragging me the hell out of my comfortable, well-suited, soft and warm shell though. Right out there in the cold harshness of everyday life. Talking to about 100 people a day does that.

There’s some valuable life lessons in all of this as well.

The most important thing we have to learn here is to maintain our attitude (insert laughter from Twitter followers here) no matter how many negatives we get. Most of the positive people are found near the end of the day, between 6-8pm, and we start knocking around 1pm. We follow this almost cult-like mantra of the Law of Averages, meaning that for every 100 people you speak to you’ll find 3-5 positive people. So far in my experience it seems accurate enough. Basically the biggest lesson is that if you let the negative 95 people screw up your attitude in the field, you’ll lose the 5 positive once before you even start talking to them.

I could fill you in on my general luck with this as well, about how on a lot of days those positive 5 people I meet don’t meet the standards we do have to set for people to help us, but I won’t get in too much detail for that. What I can say is that currently I’m not doing good enough at this to financially be stable.

I think I’ll get there though. During the past few weeks I’ve improved and changed so much in the field I often shock myself in how I’m changing. I’m getting more assertive, open, confident. I’m reading body language better. Have more control over my voice fluctuations. Talk a lot clearer. All good things. But I do have to admit that at the end of the day, when I get home and I still haven’t done well enough to satisfy myself, I get frustrated.

The home situation not having changed much doesn’t help that fact either, but I might fill you guys in on that in a future post.

Right now I’m still searching for something I can reward myself with after a day at work. Something that doesn’t require too much attention, something enjoyable. Something I don’t have to rely on computer or TV use for, as I really can’t be assured use of either. At least I don’t have to walk home for an hour anymore, so I have a bit more time and energy to spend after work, but I really have no idea what I could spend it on.

Times are hard. Times are strange.

Just as they always are.

Still, that question of what it is I can do keeps looming around the back of my head. I honestly have no idea what to do about anything these days. Each day I feel more pressure to find out.

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