Update on Updating.

Yeah, that’s right. I’m writing an update about the lack of updates right now. And yes, I know, this kind if post is usually the nail on the coffin for most blogs. I’m really hoping that this won’t be the case for mine, because… Well, I really want to update my blog.

So, quick life update to bring you guys up to speed.

I got a job. It’s door to door for Red Cross. Sounds boring and stupid, I know, but so far I’m quite enjoying it. Plus it’s going to help me pay the bills and stay here in England. That’s a plus, right? Since I have job, I can’t be around to update the site the entire time like I used to be able to.

Wait, I’m not hearing you say, that’s it? You got a job? But you want to write! Make time to write you lazy Dutch person, you!

Sadly, it’s not as simple as that. Like I’ve said before, my current hookup features my computer connected to the TV in the living room. Before this made any type of private deal impossible thanks to the wonders of roommates who never heard of privacy. Peering through the kitchen window to read along. Joining in the room, beer in hand, to comment on whatever’s on the screen. Doesn’t matter if it’s E-mails, blogs, instant messages, private messages, Twitter DMs… It gets read. It sucks. It really does.

Now that I have a job, there’s a second problem. This is the living room. The best thing to do right now is to blindly assume I don’t get any computer time because whenever I come home from work, TV is in use. Weekends? New Year’s incident gets repeated to an extent. Day after? People still here, gaming.

I’d gladly take the lack of privacy in trade of being able to actually use my computer again at this point, but it’s just a choice between two bad things. I can try to update in the few moments I actually have the computer to myself properly, like this very moment I’m writing this post, but these moments are rare. Generally they require sacrificing sleep, and with how much energy and attention work requires, I simply cannot do that. The moments they don’t require any sacrifice along these lines, I’m dead tired and uninspired. I know, weak excuse, but with no way to vent properly vent my frustration for a whole week and several disappointments in a row concerning living room usage… I just can’t get any words down without smashing on the keyboard with my fists trying to break the thing.

To be perfectly honest, pulling the plug on this site has crossed my mind several times. I can’t update normally anymore, views are steadily going down, and it’s not free. It’s a complete waste, especially since I really want this site to work and am trying to keep at it, but without being able to use my computer, I simply can’t.

That about covers it for now. Not sure when the next post will be. At this rate it’ll be a few weeks.

Until then.


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