How It Is

We’re entering what could be the final stretch of my stay here in England. I have a lot to say about this, and at the same time I feel like I really have nothing I could possibly say about anything at all. To say the situation isn’t the greatest or the best in the world would be an understatement, and no, I’m not all too happy with it. It’s not so much a choice thing either, it’s really not working out. It’s a combination of bad luck, a dead job market, and ill planning.

This is how it is.

I still haven’t found a job. There’s enough that I applied for, but I’m doubtful these applications are going to lead anywhere. It’s certainly not a lack of effort, when it comes to hunting for jobs I’ve been busy. At least one job application a day. Sometimes more. Some days over 10, others over 20. Online, offline, phone, in person, walking in stores, e-mailing. You name it. No luck anywhere. Haven’t even had an interview in a while. It’s quite horrible.

There are things like Jobseeker’s Allowance and Housing Benefits here, and I’ve been denied both already. Although recent contact with people uncovered I may still find a way to get both. I’ll need a proof of residency to be able to do that. A utility bill, driver’s license, tax papers, bank statements, that kind of deal. All the kind of papers I don’t have. I have a few possibilities of getting these papers though.

One has one of my roommates changing the name on one of their bills to mine temporarily. Neither of them are fond of this idea. It might still happen, but it’d require a very good persuasive effort and lots of luck.

The other includes me somehow getting a bill on my own name. Or producing some other paper from an instance I could use. The latter seems unlikely, I doubt I can get a paper like that. The first is highly possible… but I’d need money.

A caring family member is willing to send me money to help support me, but I’d need a bank account first. To get a bank account… I’d need the same kind of proof of residency. Notice a pattern here? Yeah, real great, huh?

But wait, I can get an account with an online banking only firm. If I have that I can still get that support from my family, leading to a utility bill, leading to a proper bank account, and a good chance at getting these benefits. If that works, my worries are over. I can stay, no problem. I’d still live like a predator in the jungle of jobs, but at the very least I won’t starve in that jungle, or have to worry about having to leave it any time soon.

If I’m really lucky, I might still land a job while I’m busy with all of this. In which case my problems with living here would be completely over. Here’s hoping for that.

In the case none of this works out, I’m moving back to the Netherlands.

Although I’d likely end up saving money to try moving here again, using everything I’ve learned from this effort to do better next time.

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