Yor’s World, He’s the Man.

Last night I finally sat down and watched Yor: The Hunter from the Future in its entirety. It’s a movie about a caveman hero as he walks around the world half-naked, fighting dinosaurs and saving people by torching their entire village. Having heard about the movie thanks to a certain video reviewer known as The Spoony One, I’ve been extremely interested in how this movie would play out in the full version for quite a while now.


Having finally seen it, I can safely say that the movie is a complete trainwreck.

A marvellous and entertaining trainwreck.

There’s just something about watching a muscular goofy caveman prancing around and giving awkward battle cries after killing dinosaurs with an extremely blunt axe that’s just hilarious and endearing to watch. Yor: The Hunter from the Future is just one of those movies that’s so bad, so terrible, and so undeniably stupid that it’s impossible to not see it through until the very end.

I mean, just listen to the theme song and tell me that it isn’t made of complete awesome:

It’s like we’ve got a caveman-Shaft-James Bond thing going on. And no, the movie never gets any better than this. It only gets worse with every scene. It’s like watching a burning train speed towards a nuclear plant. You know that whatever happens next, it’s going to be terrible, and yet you can’t take your eyes of it. Otherwise you might miss out on something incredibly awesome, like a caveman hang-gliding using the corpse of that bat demon he just shot out of the sky, kicking a purple caveman creature right before landing, theme song blasting during the entire thing.

Just the idea that at some point in time, someone sat down and wrote the script to this movie. The notion that the script got okayed. That more people got together to direct, act and film it. And that somewhere at the end of this, when the movie was done, someone actually sat down, watched it, and decided it was good enough to be released. That idea is just incredibly funny to me.

Yes, that's a caveman with a lasergun.


We’re going to need a lot more hemp before we’re through.

That wasn’t the only movie I saw that day either.

Soon after, I ended up watching Cannibal: The Musical. It’s one of those absurdly weird movies by the people behind South Park, and it shows. It’s even weirder than Orgazmo, which is quite a feat considering that’s a movie about a mormon playing a superhero in a porn movie.

Cannibal: The Musical follows the adventures of a group of people as the try to make their way from their dried up mine to another one far, far away. Thanks to the stupidity of their guide, they end up lost and hungry. And they sing about it. As well as singing about building snowmen, how great it is to be a trapper, and a love song about a horse.

It’s a bad movie. Completely terrible in all aspects. Yet still, it’s a very fun movie to watch. Although a different kind of fun. Cannibal: The Musical clearly knows it’s a very bad movie and plays into it at every turn.  It even makes fun of typical musical scenes to the extent that a bunch of characters abruptly stop a song to argue about musical theory.

I’ve still got a list of other bad movies to see in the future. Movies like The Room, Cube, Plan 9 from Outer Space, Troll 2, Flash Gordon, and a few more.

If anyone has any ideas as to what other movies I could possibly add to my list, please leave a comment to tell me about it.


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