In Three Words or Less…

There’s a new trend going around the Twitterverse. Sure, there’s always one going around on the Twitterverse, but this one seems like it could potentially have a bit of use to it. Although I have to admit, I’m just saying that because the basic idea intrigued me enough to try it out myself. There are tons of similar things floating around the internet at any given time in the form of quizzes, tests and even weird music sharing sites. Most of these dig into Twitter by helping users spam their feeds with pointless information constantly, what would make this one any different?

First of all, this one is all reaction based. You can create an account by yourself and keep reminding people about it, but unless they want to interact with you, it won’t do a thing. Not only that, it can get quite personal in the right hands as well. In more than one way, it resembles Formspring in that respect.

Remember when Formspring hit Twitter?


Lucky you. If you have no understanding what that site is about, let me explain it. Formspring is a site where you create an account and people can come to your profile and ask you questions. Your only job is answering them. That’s it. Sure, it’s the biggest form of self-indulgence on the internet since vlogging became a big thing, but it had its moments. At least, provided you got decent questions. Still, this is the internet, so it basically boiled down to this:

Yes, this is actually something from my own Formspring account.

Now the spam kicked in because most people would link their accounts to Twitter. Every single time someone would answer a question, it’d get sent over to Twitter. Now imagine almost everyone on Twitter using Formspring, sending each other the same questions. You’d get more spam in a single day than most Bieber fans spew out in a week. To make things worse, people would ALSO send it to their Tumblr account, which would then send it to Twitter again. Those were the glory days of the average Twitter addict.

So, this new site? Does it handle spam better? Well… Yes, it doesn’t spam. At all. At least, not yet it doesn’t.

See, the thing is that it doesn’t send any notification whatsoever, so users basically have to remind their readers/fans/viewers/sheeple/whatever it is they call the people they interact with online about it whenever they want people to post on it.

Post what? Three words to describe them. Plain and simple.

In a sense, it’s a reversed Formspring. Instead of getting people to ask you questions and indulging in the fact you are oh-so interesting because people are requesting information about yourself, despite your inability to normally present it without them pushing you to do so, they tell you what they think of you. That was, besides the spam, the biggest weakness Formspring had. Most people really aren’t that interesting. What the hell am I supposed to ask you? If you’re so interesting, then interest me already. Tell me something. How am I to know what questions press the right buttons to get you to tell me something interesting?

No, you describe the owner of the page in three simple words, and often enough, you’ll see a reaction based on what they’ve been anonymously described as soon enough. It’s a much more interesting spin on the same basic premise of social media.

Is this going to become a massive change on the dynamics of online interaction? Heck, no. It’s a fun timewaster if you have enough people to link it to. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of these sites appear. At least, as long as they learn to avoid spamming up the place like Formspring sometimes still does.


3 thoughts on “In Three Words or Less…

  1. I agree whole-heartedly concerning Formspring spam, and while I do publish the questions or answers I think people would find amusing or surprising, but otherwise, it’s only the occasional request for inane questions.
    That said, this Three Words thing looks like I’m not going to enjoy it much because it will show that people don’t really give a crap about me, wounding my ego. I hate not really having a little group anymore.

    • I dunno about the not a crap part. It’s a simple enough tool, and even with a vast group of people surrounding you, chances are only a small fraction are going to respond anyway. Lots of people had the same problem with Formspring as well, to the point people got genuinely offended at the fact they didn’t get as many questions as others did.

      But yeah, it’s not for everyone.

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