Meals and Fortresses

‘Tis the season for distractions. For the past few days, if there wasn’t a meal, there’d be another shiny new discovery lurking around the corner. Then again, that’s what the holiday period is for. In the case of most people it’s a time of unwinding, even if it kills them out of frustration. There’s presents to get, food to prepare, courage to summon before meeting certain individuals and share food with them, hoping to god that whatever they put on your plate isn’t poisoned. Don’t get me started about desserts either, give a bad enough reaction to the food and chances are that lovely looking pie really is to die for.

No wonder it’s also the season for massive family arguments and suicides.

Although honestly… I don’t mind Christmas that much. This year’s Christmas was interesting enough in itself for me. First one abroad. Surprisingly enough, it has earned me more cards, presents, and food than it has in previous years. I’m quite embarrassed about how little I’ve done back considering how much I got out of it this year. I’ll make up for it somehow. I just don’t know how yet.

So? What’s the loot? The Settlers of Catan board game, which is one of my absolute favorite board games out there. A card game, one that quite sadly can’t be played on motorcycles but is still one of my favorites none-the-less. A keyboard and a mouse(!!!)! Now all I need to get a working computer is a monitor and quite possibly an adaptor for the plug. Soap, and lots of it. I really cool shirt.

The dinners were quite good. There was a quick dinner that Sky hosted for her friends before Christmas, one where I actually got to help along in the kitchen with. I must admit that it was quite fun to actually help with that somehow, plus I learned a few things while looking over her shoulder as well. Never hurts to know more recipes. The dinner and the Rock Band games that soon followed were quite fun as well. Then there’s the actual dinner on Christmas day at her aunt’s place. I’m still quite surprised I got to join into an obvious family thing like that. Or actually two of them. There was one more at her mother’s house the very next day.

At the end of the day at her mother’s place, everyone got around the table and played a version of Trivial Pursuit involving brand names and logos. Instead of being asked questions, you’d get to see a part of a logo without the brand name on it, and you had to guess what it is. I’m quite glad I didn’t join in, as I only knew 1 card for every 25 that popped up. It’s funny how many different brands there are here that people instantly recognize. Brands that I’ve never even heard of. Products I’ve never even seen. I wonder what the game would look like in the Dutch release. At least, if there is one. I’m not even sure there is.


You want a Dwarf? Here's your damn Dwarf.

Currently the biggest theme for me is Dwarf Fortress  though, I might write a future post about it, just to give a basic idea what kind of game it is and share some experiences of my own. Besides that I’ve managed to get myself addicted to Rune Factory, which is like Harvest Moon but with monsters and dungeons. So you get to slay demons while watering your crops. It works out better than it sounds.

All this Christmas-y and game-y stuff has been keeping me from writing though. I’ve been trying to piece together this long piece of flash fiction for a bunch of friends. They seem to like it quite a bit, and I like writing it. I’m still not sure if I’d want to put it on this blog or maybe put aside another Tumblr account for that one though. The plan was to give it some proper thought after finishing up on the next part… And then I went and installed Dwarf Fortress. And then I helped prepare a Christmas meal and cleaned up everything afterwards. And then I kinda forgot.

So yeah, go me. I’m a damn hero, I know.

In the meantime, I’ve also decided on writing a review for Ace Attorney Investigations, as per request by Tilly. If you’re reading this post, I hope you appreciate what you’re making me go through. The game is about the same level as Apollo so far, except Apollo was slightly more logical at points. I’m close near the end of the third case, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to slug through the rest of it before the end of the year.

Speaking of finishing games. I’m also near the end of Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor. A game I’ve been quite eager to reach the end in so I can start reviewing it. When I do, expect a review including why it took me over half a year to reach its conclusion despite loving it. Also, I may or may not post an overview of the DS Castlevania titles in the near future. I finally picked up on Order of Ecclessia, and it usually doesn’t take too long for me to beat these games.

I know I’m focussing on DS games here mostly, but there really aren’t that many interesting things on the consoles I own at the moment.

I think I’ll just cut off this post here, as it’s not naturally leading to anything else from here. Every now and again it’s quite nice to have a messy post like this.


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