The other day the strangest thing happened to me.

I wanted to play Fallout: New Vegas, so I took the game, put it in the 360 and waited. Nothing happened. The normal menus that you get when booting up the console were staring at my face. I went through them on them, trying to locate the game and get started. The game wasn’t there. I pushed the eject button and a DVD came out of the console. Airplane. I remembered having watched it several nights before.

This is when I started panicking. I took the box for New Vegas to check if the game was still in there. It was empty. The box for Airplane? Empty. I put the movie back in. I tried pressing the eject button again, nothing else came out. Then I looked to the side and realized what I had done.

If only...

I was sitting there, holding the PS3 controller. Looking through the PS3 menus. Trying to start up the game on the PS3. It’s actually a PS3 copy of the game. I put it in the 360 instead of the PS3.

Suddenly it hit me why I did this. I just can’t take the PS3 seriously as a gaming console. We keep using it to watch movies. Sometimes I use it to check Twitter on the browser (a terrible browser at that, the PSP’s is better). Playing games? We use the 360 for that. It’s not even from a lack of games either. We have more PS3 games than Xbox 360 games. Still, the PS3 is barely used for gaming.

This isn’t because of a hatred of all things Sony either. I still use my PSP frequently. Sure, it’s not a perfect system. Heck, it’s far from perfect, it being a PSP:Go and all. Still, it’s solid enough. My PS2 has probably gained more combined playtime than all the other consoles in the house. There’s quite a bunch of consoles here, so that’s saying something.

It’s not the games either. We’ve got some solid games for the system. And yet they rarely get touched. In my case it’s because it’s a console game and I find installation times unacceptable for consoles. I know, I’m impatient, but that’s one of the reasons I play a game on consoles. If I want to install stuff, I’ll play games on the PC. Which I do as well, but they’re a different kind of game. Civilization and such.

I really hope Sony does get their shit together soon. Their games are good. Their marketing is brilliant. The hardware though… All I can think of here is the word Dreamcast.


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