You know, I never really had much of a problem with snow. Snow was cool. It was fun. The most you’d see snow was maybe one week a year. Less than a few centimeters at most. Complaining about that would be like complaining about New Year’s Eve. It’s a one time thing. Doesn’t last. Over before you know it.

Well, until last year. Last year in the Netherlands, there was enough snow to pretty much shut down the city for a good day or so. People were panicking. I never seen anything like it. Everything was white. There was almost no public transportation. Snow lasted longer than it usual. Then again, if snow stuck for longer than two days, that’d already be longer than usual. Sure we’ve had a few freak days of snow, but even then it wouldn’t stick around for all that long.

Let’s fast forward me here in the UK now. There’s snow. Everywhere. It’s been here for about a week now. Public transportation is limited, but still there. People have taken a liking to panic buying. If you like bread or milk, I bid you good luck at finding any in stores. Lots of instances are closed. Shops, schools, governmental buildings. I’ve had appointments getting cancelled thanks to the snow. It’s like life has quite literally been frozen.

Quite honestly, I don’t mind the snow itself all that much. I just don’t like how a lot of things I was busy with have gotten frozen until further notice. Sure, further notice has been given at this point, but still… There’s still that chance that it’ll snow again and the same thing happens all over.

There’s really not that much I can say or write at the moment. Nothing has really happened. Life is at a standstill. I quite like having been able to see this amount of snow at least once in my life, but given the circumstances, I just can’t bring myself to enjoy it. It doesn’t help that I’ve only got one pair of shoes, and they’re suede. I don’t want to ruin them. I know, I’m a complete idiot for only bringing one pair of shoes and choosing the suede one. Somehow, I wasn’t expecting heavy snowfall.

Still, there’s a few good memories attached to it. So it isn’t all not all negative.

What I do enjoy however, is Layton. Sweet fuck, I’m happy I started playing those games. Since moving here, I’ve finished the first two games. They were fantastic. I’ve started playing the third, Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, and so far it’s completely overshadowing the rest of the series. There’s a better sense of adventure in this one. The second game, The Diabolical Box, already had a better sense of adventure and purpose than the first did. There was a massive difference between the first and second game in terms of storytelling and adventure. The third blows those two out of the water. There’s just something about solving strange puzzles that’s just satisfying, and the story is a fantastic drive to make you want to see what’s next. The combination of the two is some of the most addictive gameplay I’ve seen in ages.

Sky got a 360 by the way. I’m playing on it more than she does. I’ve almost played through The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai already. If anyone ever feels like adding someone who only plays single player games and compare gamerscore to make yourself feel better, feel free to add me as Ruroremy. I’ve also got a PSN account: AboveUp. Be warned though, I barely play online games.

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