Unorganized Cluttered Mess of a Post

Huh? Three weeks already. Time flies. Sorta. Kinda.

The not doing anything all day thing is starting to get to me. Thankfully, that period is starting to come to an end though. Any more of this sitting around with nothing to do crap and I’d have snapped. I’ve been quite irritated at myself because of it during the past few days. Not doing shit is fine for the first week or so, but after that it starts getting tiring. It starts to drag you down.

During the past week my schedule was basically waking up, mess around with a game I didn’t feel like playing, post crap on FaceBook on Twitter out of boredom and go back to bed again. Playing games is fun, but not when it’s the only activity of the day. I could read some more, but with how tired my eyes were from playing games that didn’t work out all that well. I’ve gone for enough walks so that my legs are pretty much screaming at me to stop every time I stand up. So that’s out of the question as well.

It’s not to say I’m not happy with my situation here. I love it here. It’s just that I need something to do with my time. Sitting around all day just doing things for the heck of it doesn’t really work out that well. It’d probably be less bad if it wasn’t for the fact that the two friends I have here are either actually working all day (no blame there, that’s a good thing) or sleeping all day. I could go out and meet more people, but that’d cost some more money. Sure, I have money, but I’d rather play it safe until I have work. Oh well, having signed a contract, and stupidly having had to come back the next day to provide my national insurance number, I’m pretty sure that those days will be over soon. Thankfully.

I’ll be able to get a computer of my own again when I do have the money. Then I can actually be online when the people I usually talk to are. I’m kinda lacking in that at the moment. It feels silly, that. Living under the same roof with the person I used to talk openly to online about pretty much everything has basically just stopped any form of open conversations. I guess we’re both the type to talk about stuff more easily online. I usually have to read up on stuff on Twitter when I get the laptop later. It’s odd. A bit alienating even. I try to talk sometimes, but the answer tend to be one word and spartan-like. Usually delivered while looking up from the laptop or unheard over the earphones. I guess I’ll have to find some friends to actually talk to.

We’ve got a coffee machine now. A good one. The coffee that flows from it is like the taste of a dark, bitter, beautiful heaven. It’s fantastic. Not only that, it’s highly addictive. I’m seriously afraid I’ll become a massive coffee addict now. At least, more than I already am.

There’s not much to say here. I haven’t really done much this past week. I did beat Dante’s Inferno, and will rip that game to shreds in a future post. Not really feeling in the mood to rant about it right now, so it’ll have to wait.

2 thoughts on “Unorganized Cluttered Mess of a Post

  1. Heh, yeah, Sky is sort of like that.
    If her cousin is like that too that would be hilarious. Then it would be, like, GENETIC.

    You could talk to her if you felt like having a mostly one-sided conversation, though. When she came down to my aunt’s, I pretty much spent all my time blathering like an idiot while she put up with it.

    Not to presume I know more about her aie arr ell habits than the dude who, you know, LIVES with her, of course.

    • Nah, her cousin is a bit louder and open than that. He has his computer in his room and when he’s done with it, he turns it off and comes to the living room. He takes breaks from his work to come for some quick chitchat. Like the rest of the house is his watercooler. He’s cool like that.

      I don’t like one way conversations all that much. I need something to work with, to build on. You know, a proper response. Otherwise there’s no reason to say anything at all.

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