Resuming the Course of My Life

One thing that I initially didn’t want to think about is that with starting a new life also comes the task of finding a new job. For some reason I had no trouble picturing me working somewhere, but I never put much thought into the whole hunting the job market deal that’s also part of it. Just the thought of that aspect is enough to send shivers down my spine.

So that brings me to that thing I’ve been working on. No, not a story, or a plan, or a future illustrious thing I’ll keep bringing up on the blog to attract more readers and then suddenly stop bringing up and will never uncover. It’s much worse than that. It’s a CV.

Cvs. Shit. I hate these things. It’s not that I don’t like talking about my life or that I feel I have lots to hide. It’s more that… well.. My life is just weird.

If they’d pay attention and do the maths on mine, they’re going to see I must have skipped a grade or something. There’s a year short in junior high. Fairly obvious to spot to. That’s the least of my worries though. The easier problem is that I’m also a drop out. Not by choice, obviously. There were some monetary issues couple with this. That and a complete fear of the rest of the class. I never really fitted in at school. Teachers used to dislike me. As soon as the rest of the class picked up on that they’d use that to their advantage. Picking on the kid the teachers means you’re not getting in trouble for it.

Which brings me to the next fun part of my life. That one year gap. I was extremely depressed after my school life ended. Mostly because of the way it ended. Getting kicked out due to low class attendance. Low class attendance was due to there being no books. Books weren’t there because there was no money for them. It was a fun cycle. Except there’s no fun to be found there.

I spent a year traveling the lands. At least, the digital lands of Vvardenfell. That Morrowind addiction is what kept me going for the most part. Outside of Morrowind, I read stuff like Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and for some reason Dead Famous by Ben Elton. In English, that language my teachers told me I’d never speak.

One thing that really bugged me with looking up information about how to write a good CV on most websites is how they all seem to be written for people who have lived a near perfect life. They’re mostly dealing with what you can put up and what to leave out to make yourself look great. That’s okay. They should tell you exactly that. What they don’t help you with is information about how to write one if you’re a human being. Not everyone has a history to them the length of a small country.

If you have a history behind you anywhere near as good as the type they use on those sites, I highly doubt you’d even need help writing your CV. You could quite probably launch your own damn company from the ground.

The kind of people who do need help are probably more interested in learning what to do about gaps in their history like that. Or how they got into a company starting from the facility management department, only to branch towards the administrative one shortly after. Where I… uhm… did graphic design. Created logos. Got a crash course in Photoshop and Dreamweaver. All of this in the course of half a year. What? Why are you looking at me like that? This really did happen.

After half a year, I left that place. Ended up in some shit security job. Walked around streets around a shopping mall in the morning. Not much happened here, except for a much more severe depression to sink in.

From there? Oh, nothing. Just that Japanese restaurant I’ve been work at for a good five years now. Where I’m a cook, waiter, dishwasher and general cleaner and such at the same time.

Did I mention I studied IT for a year and that I also have worked for a small computer company? I have put computers together from loose parts. Fixed computers for people and have gotten paid for it. I still know how most of it works, although my knowledge about newer parts and what they do is lacking. Stuffs been moving at breakneck speeds on that side of the field, and I can’t say I’m extremely interested in it anymore.

That makes the Japanese restaurant work sound even more strange, huh?

I’m also unsure whether I should mention that I speak Japanese or not. I know it looks good when you can put up you speak different languages, and I do actually speak Japanese. I can hold my own in a conversation, no problem. However, we’ve still got a problem. A lot of those Japanophiles, the type that wish they’re Japanese and want to move there, they put up that they speak the language too. They don’t. I don’t want to be seen as one of them.

Don’t get the wrong idea here, I’m not afraid that I’ll never land a job. I’m sure I will. It’s just that my life has been so chaotic that looking at a piece of paper that contains a base summary of it I just wonder how long it’ll take for it to set fire.

2 thoughts on “Resuming the Course of My Life

    • I have actually considered it before. My chances would be better if I had diplomas stating I speak the language, as paper says more than actual skill these days. They are easy enough to get. I’m not sure I’m really the kind of person you’d want in front of a class room. Although I guess private lessons on the side would be okay.

      And yeah, sometimes you just need to take the plunge. Then again, even if I’d stay in the country, I’d end up facing the exact same problem. May as well just face it in an area of my own choosing.

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