Selling, Breaking, Sinking

There’s too much stuff lying around the place. I’m planning to sell most of my stuff over the internet soon. Some of this stuff used to mean a lot to me, but most of the stuff has been collecting dust for at least a year or two now. Some of this stuff I bought on impulse and never even looked at again.

It still feels weird, that I’m getting read of some of this stuff. I remember about five years ago I was all excited about that shiny new Escaflowne DVD. Not just me either, a friend of mine as well. I bought the new DVD the day it was released, went over to that friend’s place and we watched it together. All five episodes in a row. Then I left the DVD there and he watched it a few more times, before I took it back to my place to watch it a few more times myself. Then later on I’d watch it again with other friends who wanted to see it.

This was back in the day anime was important to me. If you think that’s bad, you don’t want to know how many times I watched Furi Kuri or Trigun or Rurouni Kenshin. That’s even worse. With Kenshin I had to replace a few discs at some point, as they simply stopped working.

It’s money though, and I can use money. It’s not like I’m ever watching the DVDs again.

I’m also going to get rid of some of the books I don’t really feel I want to keep owning. Dark Tower. Wheel of Time. Sword of Truth. Ayn Rand’s bullshit. That sorta deal. I’m sure Ayn Rand feels as if it doesn’t fit in there, but it does. Sword of Truth isn’t fantasy either, because Rand hated fantasy and the writer loves Rand. So by that logic, it’s a deep philosophical quest. A deep philosophical quest about a strong warrior man with a magic sword fighting against evil. Yeah, that’s deep and philosophical alright.

CDs. I’m not entirely sure what to do with them. Most CDs don’t get you much more than what it’d cost to send them. I have a ton of them, and I never play them as I ripped them all and got them in digital format and such. There’s no problem with sound or anything like that either, as my computer is hooked up to the stereo. Ah, the stereo… Send it over or buy a new one? The problem with electrical stuff is that I’d need an adapter for it to work. I can bring my computer, it’s smaller than a laptop and weighs about the same as one. Monitor, I’d buy there.

After giving it some thought, I made a short list of things I want to take with me. It basically boils down to my clothing, guitar, NES, SNES, N64, computer and some books. I really do have my priorities straight here, huh? I might keep some manga as well. Not the shounen crap, but stuff like Crayon Shinchan in Japanese would be nice to keep. Reading that every now and then keeps me from completely forgetting the language as well.

Oh yeah, what I’d really love to bring is my external hard drive. I don’t trust this computer, as it’s the cheapest one I could buy. It was more or less a replacement computer when the last one committed suicide about a year ago. One day it simply didn’t turn on. Well, it did turn on, the light would turn on if you pressed the button. Problem was, the BIOS wouldn’t load. That and it was already starting to show its age before that. It was its time.

So, ext. hard drive. Sure. 1TB of video, audio and text files. All the movies I’ve acquired the past few years. All the music I’ve ripped and gotten elsewhere. All the stuff I wrote down. All the guitar tabs and chords are on it.

Were on it.

Yesterday, I went to my mom’s place. I wanted to burn a CD for at work. While there, I thought it was a nice idea to watch some series with my little brothers. So we ended up watching Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace. At some point the older one of the two got called by my mom, so he got up and walked out the room. He also kicked the hard drive. He didn’t do it on purpose. He doesn’t do anything on purpose, ever. Paying attention to anything is not one of his strengths.

The video stopped playing. A message popped up on the computer, saying it had failed finding the video file we were watching. I messed around with the hard drive. It wouldn’t connect anymore. Same thing when I got back at home.

So I don’t have any of my files anymore. At least, until I buy a case or something for a hard drive, which is overly expensive here. I could buy a new external hard drive, crack open the case and put the one in the broken case in it. That’s cheaper and might work. Still, I’d have to take money that I’ve already put aside for my England plans to do so. I don’t want to do this.

Ah well, I guess that’s less stuff to carry over to England.

Although it is starting to get annoying. In the last 12 months, I’ve had to say goodbye to the following.

My computer, digital camera, Xbox 360, R4 card, this really cool lamp I had that tied the room together, 2 games for the 360 (thanks to the same brother), N64’s expansion pack, a window. There’s more, but that’s the stuff that stood out.

I’m guessing more stuff is going to break soon enough. The TV probably doesn’t have too much time left. It’s about 14 years old and turns itself off when it feels like it. Then there’s the problem with the house itself. I think it’s slowly sinking or something. The hallway is disorienting if you’re not used to it. Then there’s the issue of the door here in the room. It wasn’t always like this. And I really wonder what’s crooked, the door, the walls or the floor. It just doesn’t add up. Same with the ceiling in this room. I keep comparing how high it is in each corner, and none of it adds up.

I really can’t wait to get out of here. This house is creeping me out.

Actually, scratch that. This country is creeping me out. Not too long ago rain caused a few parts of the city to flood. This hasn’t happened before. Half the city got locked down. Trams couldn’t move. Electricity got shut off at some places because it was dangerous. I’ve never experienced this before. Further in the east or south of the country this sort of stuff isn’t all too rare. But in The Hague? We usually don’t get these problems. The scariest thing is that it didn’t even rain as much as I’ve seen in previous years.

Living below sea level scares me.

2 thoughts on “Selling, Breaking, Sinking

  1. I say you should bring it anyway. You can get another external hard drive when you are all moved over.

    They might even be cheaper in England. Who knows.

    And yeah, it is always pretty disconcerting when there is water everywhere and everything is shut down. Almost apocalyptic.
    Which sort of feels cool but is a massive inconvenience.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if they are cheaper. DVDs, computers and games are cheaper. Hadn’t had a chance (or to be completely honest, the inclination) to look up the price difference in that. DVDs I noticed because I picked up some stand-up DVDs and looked at what else is there. I’m kinda shocked people in England still resort to piracy with prices like those. I just happened to come across computers and games in the same store, and they’re much cheaper than here as well in most cases.

      The country flooding and all the water damage is just creepy. I’m guessing this is why they’ve starting working on the dunes and the beaches here. Should have known that any action taken by the government means that they’re doing something they should have taken care of already. If they fuck it up, this city is going to get a lot worse, fast.

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