Goals and Dreams

Last night at work, the talk finally took place. I knew it was going to happen any time soon, and when the time finally came, it didn’t shock me.

The restaurant can’t go on like this. I already imaged it wasn’t going to last until the end of next year. Now my suspicion has been confirmed. My boss told me that if I hadn’t thought of my future yet, I best should do so now.

So I told about my plans for the future. I wasn’t planning to talk about those things at work until I had enough money saved to get started with them, but considering the kind of talk that it was it felt like a good moment to do so.

I’m planning to move to England. If everything goes right, I should be able to move in about half a year.

The reason I didn’t want to mention this at work is because of the constant condescending attitude my boss has. Bringing it up under usual circumstances would just open up a good opportunity for constant ridicule. Not having a plan when an obvious talk like this pops up, even doubly so.

That’s not the only thing I’m doing either. I’m going to attempt selling my writing around the place. I’ve sent my first query to a site already. It’s likely to get rejected, but at least I’m doing something now. Half a year ago I never wouldn’t have even tried, now I try. And I’m going to continue trying more and more in the future. I feel it’s time to start getting serious about this whole writing thing.

My boss’s reaction to this? “It’s nice to have dreams.” That’s it.

Honestly, I was expecting a stronger form of ridicule as a response. This is a nicer reaction than I expected. At the same time, I’m not so happy with the word dream here. A dream indicates a simple idea without much thought put into it.

“I’d like to win a million and spend a year travelling the world on the back of a walrus.” is a dream.

“I want to go back to England and magically be happy and improve everything about my life instantly, all while taking over the Discworld series.” That’s another dream.

I see this more of a goal. Something to work towards.

I’m putting a large part of my pay from work aside every month. I’m trying to take up extra work. Yes, that’s why I’m trying to get started with freelance writing. Still, it counts in my book. I’m going to sell most of my DVDs, a large part of my book collection, CDs and other stuff so not only I can travel lighter, but I also have some extra money. I own way too much stuff I don’t really care about anyway. I’m never getting rid of my NES and SNES though. Those two stay.

The thought of how well-timed this vacation to England was keeps coming back to me. It really did turn my life around. The old me would’ve panicked upon hearing the workplace was seriously shutting down in the near future. Then again, the old me wouldn’t have dared sending a query to a major site. Or actually plan anything about moving to England, the costs and how to handle it. I would’ve just dreamt about how great it would be, and that’s about it.

Things are in motion, and I’m in charge of a lot of it. I feel like I haven’t been in this position for well over 6 years, and it’s great to be back there. The place shutting down to me, is just a time limit and a reassurance I should keep at it.


2 thoughts on “Goals and Dreams

  1. I had a feeling you should be getting into writing. I’ve actually been meaning to suggest it to you for the longest time. I’m glad you’re looking into it.

    • Thanks. I’ve actually been moving towards it during the course of the last half year. I just never had the confidence to make any serious steps just yet. My time in England has been a big help towards bringing a change in that. Well, that and my writing improving so much in a relatively short period of time. That might just be due to the same reason though: confidence.

      Right now I’m waiting for a word on my pitch. Whether it gets rejected or accepted doesn’t really matter. I’m planning to move more quickly in that area from that moment on. I’ve got more pitches lined up for the same site, and I’ll start looking into where else I can sell words.

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