Capoeira and police cars.

This a brief intermission from the posts about my trip to England. I felt this was interesting enough to write about, and seeing this had just happened, this is exactly what I’m going to do. I’ll continue with posts about the rest of the trip soon enough.

I cleaned up my room today. Not in the usual throwing stuff around in an attempt to provide some proper walking space and wiping stuff with a cloth sort of way that I usually do. I properly cleaned. Moved stuff aside, cleaned behind things usually untouched. Untangled wires. Gave things a proper place in the room again. Stared at my old manga collection wondering what the hell I should do with all of these. It seems moderately okay now, although I’m not done entirely done just yet.

I need to figure out a proper way to place my gaming systems. And my books. And my CDs. I don’t have the space for them. Normally I’d say I need an extra bookcase, or big closet, or some other piece of furniture you use to store your items in.

Right now, that doesn’t seem like a good idea. More like a waste of money. Not because I’m extremely poor – trust me when I say that I am, but it’s really not the problem at hand here. If you’ve seen my recent posts here on the blog and my tweets over the course of the last week, you probably know why I’m not going to invest in a closet at this point in time. I’m just going to have to find a way to cram everything together without it looking like a mess. This is probably impossible with the books. Heck, it’s impossible with the gaming systems. I have about space for 2 without it looking like a mess. I own five. No, I’m not getting rid of them. If I’d do that, I might as well get rid of the TV altogether because it’s the only thing that keeps that thing in use. Plus these are older systems. I love older systems. I’ve probably spent more time playing the old games this generation than I have playing most of the crap they’re releasing this days. Crap, I feel like I’m turning into that guy already.

But enough about that, I didn’t start this post to complain about my lack of space or about my gaming systems. I cleaned up the room and decided I wanted to cool down with a good movie. A good movie and some snacks. Seeing as I didn’t have any proper snack food around, I decided to go out and buy some chips and maybe a bottle of coke.

Somewhere along the way to the supermarket, I came across this big group of people standing in a circle. They were Singing. Cheering. It seemed interesting enough to check out, so I did. In the middle of the circle two people were engaged in something that felt like a mix between dancing and fighting. Big sweeping kicks, flashy evasive maneuvers, handstands, cartwheels and more movements where just trying to remember their names makes me feel tired already. All performed elegantly in perfect rhythm with the singing and clapping by the surrounding group. It was amazing. I tried remembering what this was called again, as I had seen it in movies and such often enough, when I saw the word capoeira on the back of someone’s shirt. I stood there watching, amazed at what was being displayed in the middle of the street like it’s nothing.

After some time had passed and I had seen everyone in that circle have a go at least once, I decided to continue my way to the supermarket. While on my way I noticed 3 police cars were turning around the corner, entering the street. “Looks like the fun is over” I thought to myself.

I got to the supermarket. Somehow the idea of buying a bag of chips made me feel like a slow, fat slob. So instead I bought two.

While I was making my way back, I was surprised to see the police hadn’t broken it up. Instead, the police was at the corner on the opposite side of the street, looking at what was being put on display by the capoeira group. Figures anyway. Knowing how the police usually works in this city, they were probably sent to put an end to it, but now that they’re here they lack the courage to go through with it. I’ve seen fights out on the streets. Big ones with bicycles and chairs flying over the place. When you’re seeing this from the fifth floor, it’s not hard to see the police sheepishly look at it from around the corner. Pretending they’re not there. Then when the fighting is done and most of the intimidating people have left, then the police will enter the street and ask people if they had seen anything. It’s pitiful.

At least now it felt like a good thing though. If they had gone through with it, they’d have robbed the capoeira people from doing what they were enjoying. Not only that, there was a crowd and the crowd loved the sight as well. I know I enjoyed watching it.

I did wonder if they were taunting the police by increasing the rhythm of the music and getting the better, more athletic people of the group go up against each other while the police was watching though. The level of athleticism was just amazing. I’m sure if I tried to move like that, I’d break something.

I watched group perform until the music died down and they all sat on the ground to talk. Maybe they continued later on, maybe they ended it after that. In any case, it was an amazing sight. Quite possibly a unique one to this city as well.

2 thoughts on “Capoeira and police cars.

  1. I saw a couple of people doing Capoeira near my student union a while ago, and it was great fun to watch. It was a very fun mixture of fighting and dancing, and it was pretty unique, I thought.

    Also, the police in your city sound absolutely appalling. I hope police near me aren’t like that.

    • You better hope not. I have absolutely no respect for the police anymore, even after having worked with them a few times with one of my previous jobs. I was in security for a bit, and we’d get a lot of contact with police. Nothing ever really got done by them.

      Capoeira is really great fun to watch. There’s this cheerfulness that just radiates from it. It’s probably the only form of “fighting” where the two people sparring can laugh the entire time. at least it’s the only one where I’ve seen this happen.

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