London Day 4

The time spent in London after Escapism (Day number one, two and three can be found her respectively) went entirely different. Where Escapism was an organized mess, the days after were chaotic. I walked around. Often getting lost, but always finding a landmark that’d lead me back to a familiar area. I still believes that if you really want to get a general feel of an area, you need to get lost in it at least once. I wandered around aimlessly most of the remainder of my time, took a few pictures, had a couple of drinks and meals in small places. It gave me the sense of being a proper traveller, instead of feeling like a dumb tourist. That would explain the lack of pictures I took. Then again, I’ve never been much a picture person.

The days after Escapism I’d wake up earlier than I’d like to admit to. Every day I’d wake before breakfast started at the hostel. Breakfast would start around 8 or 9am. On most days, I wouldn’t even know what these times are and tell you they are fictional. During the trip I’d wake up before these times on a regular basis. Strangely enough, I kind of got used to it.

The first day I went for quite a walk before coming back to the hostel’s bar which had just started serving breakfast. I sat down, had my breakfast, which consisted of toast and coffee. Root came down at this point. I don’t know if he even realized I had left the area for a bit or not. After a quick breakfast, accompanied by David Bowie in the background, Root went back up to read. I went for another walk, hoping to find the restaurant I was supposed to meet an old friend from back during my days on Stickam, Claire.

I didn’t find it. Then again, I didn’t exactly look up the route, I was just hoping I could walk in a random direction and find it. All I knew was that it was somewhere between the Pimlico and Victoria stations. Those two being underground stations, it’s hard to see what direction you need to walk in when you’re not underground. I got lost again, but managed to find my way back to the hostel in time to see Root come down,who was getting ready to leave.

We got stuck in the underground tubes for some time. The reason given kept changing every time it was announced. Root was too late for his train because of the delays. Thankfully, a helpful person at the counter at the entrance of the trains got him a ride on the next train. We had our goodbyes and then he was off.

Now I found myself alone in London. Alone, but far from lonely. My adventurous side made go for a massive walk in whatever direction seemed interesting. I have no idea what areas I was walking around, I was completely lost. At one point I accidentally found myself in Leicester Square. I have to admit to playing that Hokuto no Ken game again for a bit before moving on.

Several hours and some amazing sights later, I felt like I couldn’t walk anymore. My legs were tired and feet feet sore from walking so much during the past few days. I decided I’d go back to the hostel and rest up before meeting up with Claire the next day. Then after that, I’d spend the last day in London resting. I found the nearest underground entrance and made my way back to the hostel. Once there, I checked online to find the route to the Chimes of Pimlico. The area where I’d meet Claire the next day. After a long rest, and reading half of Terry Pratchett’s Going Postal, I got up and searched for it. This time I found it. I walked around the general area again, to get a good feel of it. Somewhere along the way I bought a small alarm clock. I felt it could come to good use, considering I’d have to get up at a decent time both the next day and Thursday. In the end, I never did need to use it because I kept waking up way too early every day. Not only that, the damn thing went missing one day later.

Once back at the hostel, I wondered how many days I could keep this up. My legs felt dead tired. I was used to walking often, but not anywhere remotely near as much as I had walked during the past few days. My feet were covered in blisters. Keeping this up would kill me. Oh well, the day after tomorrow I’ll take a nice long rest before heading to Sheffield. Otherwise I’d never be able to take that big walk to find the elusive tree.

With the Escapist people gone, it wasn’t too surprising there’d be other people in the room now. I had to share the room with annoying loud Americans for the remainder of my time there. There wasn’t a single quiet moment in that room. I did wonder about one guy though. He was constantly in the room, sitting behind his laptop. Checking FaceBook and Gmail religiously. I’ve often wondered what the point of going on vacation is if all you’re going to do is spend it behind your laptop online. Although I’ll have to admit, I’ve been online often enough while I was in England.

I never expected to get any sleep because of the loud noises and the light from the monitor of the guy’s laptop. Yet the second I laid down, I was gone. I did wake up a few times that night because of the loud noises though. Thankfully, they had nothing to do with sex. A few more loud people came in late and were absolutely sure people were sleeping in their beds so they had to switch around. The next morning, people were comparing bed numbers. They were in the right beds initially. Thank god nobody bothered me. Although I was actually in the wrong bed.


2 thoughts on “London Day 4

  1. Let’s put it this way. At that point, Root was completely bloody shattered and if you had turned into a Pokemon, I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid.

    • Hahahaha. I don’t blame you though. Almost everyone was tired after Escapism. I’m not sure how I managed to stay active the days afterwards.

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