Last day of Escapism.

I have absolutely no recollection of waking up. I don’t remember any alarm clocks. I’m fairly sure I took a shower and did the usual morning stuff, but further than that, I don’t know. The earliest memory I have of day 3 is stumbling down and seeing Mike and Morgan sharing a table. Them being the only faces I could immediately recognize, I decided to join them and have… probably coffee. I would’ve like to be more clear on everything before I had my first drink, but I couldn’t even remember later that day. I’m really not much of a morning person.

Escapism morning shot

I'm doing my best not to look like I'm dead tired. Picture taken by Sky.

Just a few seconds after I finally started waking up a bit, Spy came to the table and said he wanted to get everyone to chip in to buy a second costume for Sky to thank her for all she did for the trip and if we’d have any objections with this plan. We were all okay with it. He asked again. We said we were absolutely sure that we were okay with it. He seemed okay with this and walked off again, possibly to ask more people. I tried to jumpstart my brain, but it didn’t feel like doing anything any time soon. I sat there for a while. When I finally did get up, Spy pulled me aside all secretive to ask if I really was okay with chipping in. I got out my wallet and paid him my share as soon as possible before he could talk me out of his own plan.

After that we waited for everyone to make their way downstairs and get ready for Camden. I’d only heard about Camden in posts from the Escapism user group, so I had no idea what I could expect there. We took the group pictures before we left. I’m still surprised I look even anywhere near awake in them. I’m doing my best to remember what happened, but everything is really blurring together because my mind wouldn’t wake up.

A few tubes later we arrived at our stop and we found ourselves in Camden. To be quite honest, it didn’t really interest me all that much. It reminded me of the market we have in The Hague mixed heavily with Amsterdam. It even smelled like Amsterdam in certain areas. It felt too… touristy. For a lack of better words.


Horse everywhere!

There were a ton of food stalls that were offering free samples. I’m pretty sure if you took a free sample at every stall, you could get a decent meal out of it. didn’t really trust them that much, so I didn’t eat anything. I’ll admit to having taken one sample though. After I had that, the asian woman behind the counter told me that me and my friends would get free drinks if we’d order anything. It was doubly strange considering a few of them had taken free samples as well and didn’t get this offer. Heck, Sky had taken one and bought food. I got handed two free cans of Pepsi. I gave one to Sky, we both gave each other a puzzled look. Shops in Camden are strange things. Somewhere around this time we noticed Tilly was missing. Or at least, I noticed it, maybe the others already did and didn’t mention it yet. I’m not sure. I was too busy looking at all the horse related stuff.

We walked around for a short while before encountering him again. He said bye from a distance before walking off again. Sky stopped him, gave him a hug, and then he was on his way.

We walked some more, looking at shops. Weird items were on display everywhere. I’m still quite surprised how many anime objects were on sale like a normal thing. Not something you’d really see in the Netherlands. We saw funny T-shirts. Stupid T-shirts. Ugly T-shirts. Good looking T-shirts. Name it, and there probably was a T-shirt for it. I was tempted to buy this clock shaped like a Queen vinyl record, but decided I’d better not as it wouldn’t survive the plane ride back. I saw a shirt with something I used to have as an avatar on Twitter. Lots of books. Weird toys. Cool statues. I didn’t buy anything. I think most of us didn’t really buy up anything. I could be wrong about this though.

After a while we all assembled near a piano. Spy, who hadn’t come along to Camden because he was off buying the other costume for Sky rejoined us and showed Sky her gift. I think he did have to go back to get a different size, but again, I could be mistaken.

For some reason went into this strange cyber-rave-type-store shortly after that. I’m really not sure what kind of name to put to it. I didn’t really enjoy my stay there either. Especially not after we reached the end of it, which was full of sex toys. Everyone that made it that far into the store hastily found their way out after that.

After this the group split up again, this time I didn’t join Sky’s gang, but ended up following team Steve. At least, I’m calling it team Steve because of the incident in which me and Steve decided to move on, announced this… and had to walk back to see where the other had gone off to. Which is nowhere. A few more people slowly started to leave the group around this time. Escapism was slowly coming to its end and the feeling was in the air.

Root, the champion of cards games.

Root, the champion of cards games.

By the time we had seen all Camden had to offer at least twice, we headed back to the hostel. More and more people were leaving at this point. The few that were left played poker outside the hostel. Having never played poker before, I slowly tried to learn the rules as I went along. At first it looked like Sky was going to win, but in the end it was between me and Root. Root having more than two times the amount of chips I had. He casually counted my chips and raised that amount. I wasn’t bluff. He won the game.

Me and Root gave our goodbyes to the last two people at King’s Cross. We were the last two men standing at the end of the event. We spent the evening drinking at the bar downstairs and talking about… Well… Pretty much everything. Ranging from politics, differences between countries, to the people we ment during the weekend. After that it was time for bed.

Escapism was over.

The rest of the trip was about to begin.


6 thoughts on “Last day of Escapism.

  1. Sorry you didn’t like the Cyber-Rave shop though. Me and Steve were having a whale of a time, me with the former and him with the latter.

  2. This’ a great read, wish I was able to go. Oh well, hopefully next year. Also, pretty much all good shops that aren’t Game stores have at least one sex object in them here.

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