How this trip is driving me insane.

It really was a strange time to start a blog. It’s one of the first things I thought upon starting this blog. It was also one of the things I said in the first post I made public to my friends and on Twitter. It’s a thought that has come back to me now, a month later.  A month has passed since I started blogging. Okay, a bit more than a month. I found out my blog was a month old a few days ago by complete accident. It feels strange. I feel like I’ve had this blog for much longer. Not long like half a year, more like 3 months or so. I’m not even entirely sure why. It just feels natural. Like it’s supposed to be.

The reason I felt it was a strange time to start was because my vacation wasn’t too far away at the time. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to update it during it as I’d be heading to London for a week or so. I’d have much more to write about by the time I’d return. For some reason it seemed logical to wait it out and start it later. Despite what I felt was more logical, I ended up making the blog anyway. I’ve shocked myself with my own posts on this thing. I never really felt I had anything worth writing about. Still, I tried adhering to a 1.000 character rule limit. Some posts may be a bit shorter, some posts contain double the amount of words. Yet somehow, I managed to write it all down. Me, that person that barely ever writes anything. It was precisely what I needed. A place of my own to write about… well.. whatever I want to write about.

I’m quite surprised I actually managed to drag a little attention to this blog. My last one barely got any views or comments. This one already exceeded the amount of comments I used to get in a year within its short lifespan. I know part of it is the shameless plugging on Twitter. But hey, all the cool kids are doing it. Although I noticed some of them have more friends yet get less attention using the same strategy as me. That, and I’ve noticed I somehow manage to drag in views without any plugs or ads these days. I don’t know how I’ve set this thing in motion, but it is. Part of me is still telling me this can’t be true. People can’t be interested in what I write that much. Heck, English isn’t even my first language! Why’d they read a blog of someone who picked up the language from watching Married with Children and The Samurai Pizza Cats? It’s funny, as much as I’m proud of how well I’ve managed to master the language by myself, I never seem to really gain all that much confidence in it. Something that might actually change after my time in England.

I’m getting on a plane this Friday morning. I’ll be in London for half a week, Sheffield for the other. I’m typing this down, have booked the tickets more than a month ago, set up meetings with people that have been carved in stone and made official already, have a notebook full of notes and phone numbers and addresses. Despite all of this, it still seems surreal that I’m going to be in England in just a matter of days. I’m not well-traveled, so I probably look silly to most people. I’ve been to Switzerland for a few days, saw mountains. I can still barely believe something that huge can be real even to this day. Netherlands is a flat and boring country. There’s not that much to see here that would count as breathtaking. From the pictures I’ve seen of Sheffield, I can expect hills. Hills! We barely even have speed bumps in the road over here!

There’s so much that could go wrong with this trip as well. Being the optimistic person that I am, I’m almost absolutely convinced all of it will happen. I could find out I forgot to pack things. Leave my ID at home when I arrive at the airport. Airport security could get problematic with my possessions (especially here in the Netherlands. We’re starting to become famous for this). The plane could get severely delayed. The plane might crash. The plane might get in a collision with another one mid-flight. The plane might have a problematic landing. I could forget my belongings when getting out of the plane. My luggage could get put on the next flight instead. My luggage could go lost entirely. Maybe I won’t figure out how to find the place I’m meeting people. Well, in that case I at least have the phone number of one of the people I’m meeting, but what if there was a typo in that message? Numbers are quite close together on a keyboard…

It’s enough to turn someone paranoid, and that’s not even half of it. I’m sure that next Friday afternoon I’ll be in London laughing about all the things I foolishly thought would go wrong with others, who also had thoughts of all that could go wrong on their way there. Travelling is funny that way. There’s so much stress involved that by the time you’re ready to go, you can use a  good vacation more than ever.

When I get back, I’m sure to bring back stories of things that happened there. Things that could’ve happened there, or perhaps even should have happened. Who knows? All I know is that during the last 2 weeks or so, I couldn’t start anything new. Especially if I couldn’t finish it. There was stuff I wanted to see, do, write, but my mind just wouldn’t allow me to commit. The trip comes first. After that I can do whatever.

I’ve finished up on the books I was reading. Seen the last episode of the series I was following. Or in 30 Rock’s case, the last episode of season 2. Yes, I’ve seen all of Avatar The Last Airbender in a month. It was incredible. It’s left me craving for more. When I get back, I’ll look into the other series I want to see. I might post a blog about the other stuff I’ve seen and feel I should comment in a bit more detail.

I may finally get back into writing short stories again as well. There’s a few ideas that I’ve written down the basic ideas and structure of that I want to expand on. There’s a few older stories I want to flesh out a bit now that I feel more confident about my writing. There’s so much to do, but before all that, there’s England.

Tomorrow is the last day before I leave. I still have to pack up. Buy a few extra things I will be needing while there. Go over to my mom’s and hope I can get her camera because mine broke down too late to get a decent replacement without cutting into the money I want to use for this holiday. After that, I’ll probably have to endure a night of insomnia. There’s no chance I’m going to be able to sleep tomorrow night. The closer to the trip I’ve gotten, the harder it became to close my eyes and rest.

So until we meet again, blog.


One thought on “How this trip is driving me insane.

  1. I always worry that I have left something, when I go home from uni for the holidays or the odd weekend. And that’s just an hour away.

    As for the English thing. I remember I started Year 3 not speaking a word of English, then by the time it came to year 6 I was in the top 3 in the year at English. Then again I had actual teachers, which helped. Pretty good learning a language just watching cartoons in that language.

    As a final note, have fun in England. It’s a shame I can’t make it up.

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