Luckily, we lost.

I’m not a soccer fan. I don’t like, watch, or enjoy playing it. If you like sports, that’s fine by me. What I have problems with is whenever it gets shoved down our throat everywhere and everyone expects you to either like it or simply not exist.

It seems that every time the world cup comes around, it’s a bigger event than it previously was. Somehow the media manages to inflate it further with each tournament. The way we deal with the European cup is pretty much how we handled the world cup ten years back. The way the world cup is done now is just insane. Add to that the fact that we made it to the finals.

No, it really wasn’t a nice time for me with this world cup madness. There were loud drunk people everywhere on the streets. Some of them with the need to violently express their passion to the sport. I’m not saying all fans were this bad, but there certainly were enough bad ones there, all of them in bars. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many people in a bar before. They didn’t even fit inside anymore. Most of them would have an extra TV in front of the window with the volume turned all the way up so the crowds (usually more than 50 people) outside could get a good view of it.

It really didn’t matter if we’d win or not, there’s be riots anyway. Get a lot of drunk people together, hype them up about something and there’s going to be at least a few. If we’d win, the celebrations would surpass that of the regular new year’s eve. It already did during the semi-finals. It started cheerful until a firework related accident would steer a few people the wrong way. At least, that’s what happened not too far from my place.

If we’d lose… Well, we’ve got hundreds, maybe even thousands of extremely drunk people who only want one thing and it has been taken away from them, right in front of their eyes. And that’s just this area. Almost 9 million people watched the event. Not sure how they get these numbers, and I’m pretty sure that more people watched the event. I guess it’s just the ratings, which wouldn’t count several people watching it together.

They mixed together stuff from the fireworks to create bombs. I read a bunch of news reports about fights and riots. Yet to be honest it actually went a bit smoother than I had expected it to. Although I guess that could be because of how slow and drawn out the match was. Not that I watched it, the Twittering world was kind enough to let me in on that.

Right now the world is mostly back to normal. If we’d have won, chances are celebrations would still be ongoing. Maybe now I can read newspapers normally again. Usually the newspapers consist of 4 pages of actual news and 3 separate sports sections, with some mentions of soccer in the regular news section. During the World Cup, we basically didn’t have news. Riots in Canada? But we’ve got soccer coverage ready! Oil drilling? No, give it a brief mention on page 4, we need a completely orange front page. Several people got shot? No, no, we need an extensive report on that octopus.

So, now that this is over with, I can actually socialize without having the problem of not speaking the same language as everyone else. Soccer was the only subject everyone seemed to have the past few weeks, and I don’t want to watch it just for conversational reasons. For a lot of people it seems hard to comprehend others don’t share their likes and dislikes. As if you’re not allowed to dislike a sport. I remember that at some point they wanted to force all foreigners coming to this country to take a Civic Integration Course, which is basically an aptitude test to see if foreigners can learn to understand our ways and cope with society here. The course has become a standard thing now, but one of the original ideas was that foreigners would have to go to a soccer match. Seriously.

On a completely unrelated note, it’s been raining for a while now. I think the weather is going to cool down a bit now. At least, I hope so. Maybe now I can actually write things again without having my brain melt.


2 thoughts on “Luckily, we lost.

  1. I get the fact that some people don’t like football. I tweeted about it a bit, but I tried to limit it as much as possible, and trying not to cram it down the throat of the people who don’t care.

    But at the same time, as a football fan it annoyed me with the people who constantly said they don’t care about football and that we should shut up about it. It’s the same thing but from the other side.

    • I honestly wouldn’t have minded so much if people hadn’t taken it so far over the top. This is the first year where it seriously made me feel like I’m some sort of freak outcast simply because I don’t like the sport.

      Chances are that with the next cup, that’ll be made worse since the hype keeps growing with each and every tournament.

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