Avatar and Avatar

Last night I sat down and finally gave Avatar a chance. No, not the cartoon Avatar that I’ve been ranting and raving about for good week now, although I will touch back on that one later in this post.  The Avatar made by James Cameron.

Now, I’m fairly sure me and everyone else live on two entirely separate worlds. In my world, Avatar was a movie that silently made its way into theaters and left without much noise. During the same year, District 9 landed and left a huge impression on the world. Well, okay, maybe not even the world. But it did on me. Even before I started watching Aang’s adventures, the name Avatar seemed reserved for him in terms of pop culture exploits. Besides, the only positive thing the marketing department could say about the movie was how big the budget for the thing was. Why would I care? Is it good? What’s the story? Who are we rooting for? Mankind or the blue people? The marketing department ignored these questions and instead provided us with the information that this movie had such a high budget, they had to invent a whole new numerical value system in order to keep track of it.

Now I’ve seen the movie, did it answer any of my questions? No, it did not. I had to look up a damn wiki in order to get any sense of story from it. I’m not talking about the basic plot and what happened during the movie, but the big question that was plaguing me during the thing…


Why is mankind here? Why are they doing this? Why won’t the Na’vi co-operate with the humans?

In the end, most answers were the exact same: “the writers were too lazy to address this and thought bigger special effects would distract us”. Now I can actually enjoy big effects and massive plot holes and long as things are kept interesting. I loved the A-Team film simply because the characters were fun to watch. Good characters and story go a long with for me. Without them, the whole thing falls apart.

I did not like the characters in this movie. It was one of those movies where any excuse for violence or character death was met with a gigantic cheer. One less self-centered two-dimensional douche to deal with. I’ve met 12-year olds on Halo 3 with more character than these cardboard cutouts.

The worst part about this is that I wanted to write a review about the movie, whether it would be bad or good. But even with this half-hearted rant I’m at 400 characters and I’m running out of things to say about it. It’s just so… bland. Empty. There’s nothing to discuss about it, despite being well over 2 hours.

It’s all stuff that has been done a countless amount of times. Now I’m not going to bash it in the ‘Pocahontas did it better” or “Ferngully 3D” way that’s all the rage on the internet. Movies often rip elements or entire plots from each other. Most of them do something with it, Avatar just stood there and went with the flow. Kinda like the protagonist did himself during the entire feature. He had a role, if he had lived up to that role the whole conflict could have been averted and the movie would’ve been a good hour shorter. Instead he just went with the flow. Not adding or taking away anything from what was already there. Just like the movie did with the story elements it was given.

I could add that the CGI was amazing in how it created… well… Stuff I’ve already seen thousands of times in video games and anime. Although it’s not too surprising I’ve seen it before because cat people and giant robots are not rare in anime at all. The fact that the main points of the story are the exact same as District 9, a movie I saw under extremely bad circumstances (extremely high fever, near delirious) and tried my very best to be able to follow and was release around the same time, doesn’t help the movie one bit. Avatar I was feeling good and ended up searching for distractions from it. Even while distracted I predicted what would happen and when. You know a movie is predictable when you know when and how the dues ex machina is going to save the day.

I’m quite afraid this movie is the reason there are so many upcoming uninspired CGI infested movies coming out this year. Most of them with almost identical trailers and a complete lack of story, characters or originality.

Speaking of Avatar, I’m not talking about that Cameron one now, I’m talking about the Last Airbender one this time.

Yeah, this stuff is confusing. Why did I have to watch Avatar while I’m watching Avatar anyway? What a stupid idea.

I watched the finale of Avatar: The Last Airbender’s first season today. It’s funny, I never thought highly of Avatar until I started watching it. I like shows like these, the more I keep watching, the more ways it finds to surprise me. It never grows dull.

I know I said how I felt ashamed at my interest in this show at first, but now I have to say I’m ashamed I didn’t watch it before. You can say it’s the opposite of the other Avatar in that sense, it has good characters and story and doesn’t outlast its stay.


3 thoughts on “Avatar and Avatar

  1. Interesting read as always. I never cared for Avatar. IT looked exactly as you described it: Just an excuse for some pretty graphics, with a completely hollow centre.

    And I may well have to give Avatar a watch though.

    • Yes, you should give Avatar a chance. It’s one of the better animated shows out there.

      Avatar…. not so much.

  2. Despite two (!!) grammar mistakes, it’s a good read (again)
    And yes, the last airbender is the shit!
    Have them on dvd quite a while now.
    Haven’t seen Avatar though.. Glad I haven’t

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