Avatar: Last Airbender.

I went to see the A-Team movie in theaters yesterday. Probably not a big shock, considering a posted a review about it here on this blog. There’s still something I’d still like to address that wasn’t entirely related to the movie itself however, as there was quite a good movie trailer that stood out from the others before the main feature started.

To be honest, I’m a bit embarrassed about my interest in this one.  It’s not like I’m looking forward to the Smurfs film or anything, but still, this isn’t something I’d usually look forward to. Still, the trailer caught my attention and will probably lure me to watch both the original source and the movie when it’s released.

It was Avatar: the Last Airbender.

Yeah, that’s right. The anime that isn’t a real anime. Now less animated and more live action. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, I suggest you sit down and watch it. In fact, let me help you with that:

Epic, right?

I’ve never even watched Avatar, nor have I previously had any interest in it. All I know is that it’s a western cartoon with a Japanese animation style. That there’s some kid named Aang who I’m guessing is the “Last Airbender” judging by the title of both the movie and the show, and that TVTropes loves it to death. The fact TVTropes likes this show so much is a good sign. I’ve often let it decide my next TV show to watch and so far haven’t been disappointed yet.

The little things I know about Avatar seem to be present in the trailer. I can easily point out who Aang is, as he actually looks like the kid I keep seeing on posters and on box arts of the DVDs and the games based on it. I wouldn’t expect they’d actually go so far as take the whole weird arrow pattern on his forehead thing, but they did it. From what I’ve read on the rest of the internet, the part where he’s frozen in a block of ice seems to fit as well. As does the flashing eyes thing.

I think I’ve made it pretty clear I really don’t know much about Avatar, but from what I can tell about the trailer, it seems like they’re actually trying to make it into a proper Avatar movie. Which is a good thing.

Hollywood seems to be getting better at making adaptations recently. The recent Prince of Persia made me feel like I was getting more enjoyment out of the PS2 franchise, especially Jake Gyllenhaal’s interpretation of the prince was spot on. Let’s just hope that in the case of a sequel he’s not going to assume the look and behavior of the second game’s prince. I haven’t read Kick-Ass, but I’ve had conversations with fans of the comic and it did seem like they got the basic elements right. Like I said in my A-Team review, the movie was a good modern adaptation of the original 80s show.

I know people often start to scream murder the second Hollywood announces a remake or adaptation of a popular show. I’m often one of them. If they actually make them with respect for the source material and try to make a fun experience out of it, however, then I honestly don’t mind. Sure, there’ll always be fans who will cry whenever a character doesn’t throw a hissy fit like he did in the original during this scene, or when the color or pattern of background object #25 isn’t correct, seriously. Screw them. Fans acting like that aren’t real fans. They’re vegetarian, sparkling vampires that waste their time arguing in the YouTube comment section.

So,to anyone that’s reading this post. Avatar: The Last Airbender, yay or nay?


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