The first of many posts not about gaming

So far I’ve only posted about games on this blog. It’s time to change things up a bit. This isn’t just a gaming blog, this is a blog about anything I really enjoy or want to write about. This doesn’t mean I’ll never write about games after this post, I’ll keep writing about that as I please. No, it means I’m slowly spreading out.

This blog is new, fresh. Gaming is something I know well, and find easy to write and talk about. To ease into this blog, I figured the best way to do it was through gaming. A review, a rant, a bit of a blog. Now we get to move on to the life stuff. In the future I’ll move towards movie reviews too, as I watch a lot of movies. Usually around 5-10 a week. 20 in a good week. Given that I’ve never written a movie review before, I’m  really excited about this.

I originally started writing user reviews for video games over on the Escapist’s User Review section of the forums. After a while I decided I should move them elsewhere, like a blog. I saw a few other users do the very same thing, so I figured why not? Being a lazy bastard, I naturally just toyed with the idea in my head without really doing anything about it. It wasn’t until I was writing a long post about the localization of Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story on Tumblr when I realized that I really do need a blog to post this on instead. Tumblr is better for short quick posts. Somewhere between Twitter and a proper blog, plus silly and/or inspiring images.

So I made this place. Decided I may as well use my name this time around. I already had an old blog floating around the internet, but my writing back then was so bad it makes me cringe if I look back now. Although it’s sure that in a year from now I’ll look back at this post with a similar feeling.

Although there is one big difference between this blog and the last. This time I have a better reason than just boredom for me to make a blog and post on it.

It’s an odd time for me to start a blog right now. But I did it anyway. I’m currently preparing for my first trip to England next month. I’m really excited about it, especially considering I’ve never even been to an English-speaking country before… or flown in an airplane… or met people I know from the internet.  It’ll be a first time for a lot of things, and I can’t wait until it’s time to go.

Besides that it’s the usual house and job hunting routine. I want something new in my life. The choice to actually study English seriously was the first step towards it, now I just need to pull through with the rest of it. I’m still not entirely sure what I’ll do after I finish my study. I’m confident I’ll pass. It’s mostly a test for foreigners who learned English as a second language. Seeing as the test to gauge my level was so full of the grammatical flaws I’m used to seeing from Dutch people, I feel like I have nothing to worry about there. After that? I don’t know. Hopefully I’ll be old and wise enough to magically know what to do beyond that when I get there.

Chances are I won’t, or perhaps I’ll have started on it before this year is even through. Life is unpredictable that way. The old me hated this about life. Now, I find this the most enjoyable aspect of it.

In the meantime, I can write here for this blog.

If there’s anyone reading up until now, I’m looking for new blogs to read. Anyone got any good suggestions for me?


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