Saving and ending up with an NES

About a year ago, I decided to spend less money on games. I figured that if I moved back to retro consoles, this would help bring down the costs of my favorite hobby, while still allowing me to buy “new” games on a regular basis. After buying a few SNES games, I gave up on it in favor of shiny new Xbox 360 games at full retail price. It was a good time for the 360 back then, with titles like Dragon Age and Batman: Arkham Asylum being released quickly after each other.

It wasn’t until the end of Mass Effect 2 that I went retro again. I’ll admit, it wasn’t really by choice either. My 360 decided to Red Ring itself around the time the warranty period ended. With no interesting titles nearby, I decided to keep it in that state for a while. After a fun period on the SNES with games like Super Metroid and Pol, I moved on towards the Nintendo DS, where I enjoyed a few recent titles. Besides that, I hunted for a good NES on eBay, without much luck. It’s not a hard console to find, at all. Pricing was mostly an issue. Most people selling theirs asked way too much for it. Often bundling it with bad games in order to drive up the price and get rid of games they otherwise wouldn’t be able to sell.


Old working console on top of newer broken one.

Fast forward to now. Or rather, a couple of days ago. I’m planning a trip to England this summer and I’m trying to avoid spending money as much as I possibly can. It’s not much of a surprise that precisely at a time like this, I end up finding a store about a 10 minute walk from my place that specializes in retro gaming. The damage? about 90 euros for a Nintendo Entertainment System with one controller, Mega Man 2, Faxanadu, Little Nemo, Ducktales and Mario Bros/Duck Hunt.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy with my new NES. Even more-so because I also have Mega Man 2 and Ducktales. When I checked my bank account later, I found out I still have much more money left than I thought I did. So there’s no damage done there.

I’m just wondering why I never come across stuff like this when I’m not trying to put money aside.

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